14 Tips for Moving (or Traveling) to a New City

Moving can be stressful af. It is NOT an easy task- whether you do it alone or solo. New people, new streets, new weather conditions, new accents, etc. There is so much newness and it can be overwhelming.

I recently have been out and about exploring Dallas, Texas and have been learning a lot of new things and meeting a lot of new people quite rapidly.

There is SO much to do- it’s honestly like a high for me… traveling and exploring uncharted territory.
Making memories, hugging strangers and having FUN. This is my hobby.

Aside from the fun and games that exploration can bring- moving can be so stressful it almost seems to override the fun moments… (but only for a SPLIT f*cking second). And then I come back to reality when I get a text from someone I met the day before at a coffee shop who’s an amazzzing photographer or I get a reminder about an invite to a trendy rooftop pool party over the weekend.

There are highs and lows to moving and exploring new places, but I’m here to make life a little easier for ya.

Here are 14 tips that I have used personally when I move to a new city or I’m traveling around and making moves.

Traveling + Moving can be SUPER stressful, so these are things I do and have done over and over again and they work.


  1. Yelp is your bestie РUse Yelp to find good coffee, happy hour, nightlife and dinner spots
  2. Make sure you are on the Meetup App
  3. Schedule events from Meetup or that people invite you to and import them into your phone calendar
  4. When you go to events make sure to make connections- get numbers, cards, e-mails
  5. Update your city and preferences for Meetup, LivingSocial, Groupon and any other apps
  7. Make sure you have an amazing GPS to get around town
  8. Ask for suggestions & recommendations ALL of the time from people you come across or meet
  9. Play tourist and do the fun things your new city has to offer
  10. Find a local native who can give you the low-down on the city (take it all with a grain of salt)
  11. Find other transplants in the city so you don’t have to play tourist solo
  12. Figure out where you can do your Favorite things – take your hobbies and go get involved
  13. Join organizations or groups or networks where you can give back or get involved in the local community
  14. Make sure find fun and/or relaxing ways to unwind from the potential dramas of moving or relocating- have some fun
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Whitney Danielle