5 simple ways to shift your mindset from negative to positive in under 5 minutes

It’s time to get your mind back in the game. It’s time to get focused and out of whatever funk or special mood you might be in right now.

Here are 5 simple ways to shift your mindset from negative to positive in under 5 minutes:

  • LAUGH. Find something that is ridiculously funny and laugh. Maybe it’s a stupid text you screenshot and sent in your group chat the other night. Maybe it’s a clip on YouTube of your favorite comedian telling a really funny joke. Maybe it’s your favorite meme right now from IG or Tumblr.

Laughing is crucial to changing your mood and it seriously can take like 30 seconds to shift your mood and get you in better spirits. This tactic often shakes me (almost physically lol) out of a funk or a super low vibrational mindset and puts me in a better mood instantly.

The best part about this tip is it starts a wave of positivity you can typically ride for a while. Most people don’t just laugh and immediately go back into their negative feeling mood (unless they choose to or something sad or bad is happening in real time). Take a few moments, laugh from your belly, smile ear to ear and let it loose. Just laugh it off.

  • BREATHE. Breathe deeply through your diaphragm for 2 minutes. You can use an app to help you with this or just go to your timer or stopwatch and set the clock for 2 minutes.

Pro Tip #1: go outside or somewhere private and do this with your eyes closed and think of all of your favorite things: puppies, Channing Tatum, Coldstone, the Maldives, etc.

Breathing deeply is scientifically proven to lower stress and to get you feeling more grounded and alive. I like to use my breath as a tool to calm me down when I’m upset or tune back into who I am when I need an attitude adjustment. Feeling calm to me is feeling good. Try this tip and see how it feels.

  • CALL or reach out to a positive person in your social circle.  We all have that one friend who’s always in a good damn mood. Hit them up or watch their IG/Snap story and see what they’ve got going on. You don’t have to talk to them- you just have to surround yourself with their good vibes.

Good energy is contagious and sometimes all we need is a little reminder of how to feel free and positive and worry less. If you do have someone positive you can call for a boost- call them and say hello. See what they’re up to and wait until the end of the call to see if you need to talk about what’s going on with you or if you can set it down and move on in a more positive direction.

  • VISUALIZE what you want to happen, happening. Take yourself out of your current shitty situation or mindset and into what could be or what you really want to happen.

Visualization is a slept on but extremely powerful tool.

Pro Tip #2: do this with tip #2 and see incredible results. When you close your eyes and envision what you want for yourself, your day, your business, your bank account, your dinner date, etc., it helps the Universe set things up for it to happen.

If you’re religious- this is a great time to pray about it. Prayer is powerful and this is a fantastic tool to let go of your stressors and trust a higher power to help you move through it. This is something else you can also do in under 5 minutes that will shift your mood from blah to yah!

If I’m feeling shitty or like I’m not in the mood to deal with anyone or everything is getting on my LAST GD nerve- I affirm:

“Everything is working out in my favor.
I am so lucky to have this opportunity to do xyz.
I love my job and how I get to help people through coaching and consulting services online from the comfort of my home.
I feel AMAZING and so powerful and free.” Etc.

You get the point, yes?

Affirm what you WANT and visualize what it looks like.

I hope these tips help you get out of whatever TEMPORARY funk you are in right now- remember, this IS temporary.

If you need or want more affirmations or if you want help holding yourself accountable to the things you’ve outlined for yourself, I am one message away.

@whitneydaniellecoaching or whitney@whitneydanielle.com

Much Love,
Whitney Danielle

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