8 Tips for Recovering from Illness While Traveling

Every time you leave your house you come into contact with a plethora of germs and bacteria. When you travel, your exposure to germs and gross junk increases exponentially.

Ewww, cooties! (believe me, I know and I feel your pain)

Here are 8 tips for dealing with illness when you’re on the road and not at home where you easily have access to all of your favorite things:

1. Travel with Emergen-c or Airborne, always and forever.
The quicker you take the Emergen-c the better you will feel. I have warded off SO many colds and germs by taking Emergen-c as soon as I felt funny. It’s a God send, it’s easy to put in your bag or purse, it tastes amazing and it’s good for you. One box can be anywhere from 10-15 bucks, so try not to lose it so you don’t have to keep replacing it. Also- the airport and most convenient stores will sell a 1 or 2 pack of it for a couple bucks.
2. Wash your hands + use antibacterial wipes + don’t touch anything on the airplane.
I know this sounds crazy, but the tray table has a ton of germs and people love to sleep on them. Not only is it bad for your posture but it’s not a good look. If you’re going to lay on things or touch your face or eat on the plane use antibacterial wipes. This helps whether you’re healthy and want to stay that way as well as when you’re sick and want to get better faster.
3. Drink lots of fluids.
Preferably room temperature water and hot tea. I love hot tea and will crave it if my throat gets weird and scratchy. Room temperature water doesn’t irritate your throat as much when it’s feeling fuzzy and it’s good to flush your system as much as possible. This has helped immensely and even when your body has checked out and you don’t want to do anything it’s something that pays off immediately.
4. Eat REAL food.
Soups and stews are easy to get throughout most of the year. Most sandwich shops sell soup and you can grab a can at the grocery store or even at your hotel convenience/gift store. There’s also Amazon NOW Delivery or UberEats. You can get soup/stew if you want to- you just have to do it. Eating real food vs processed and chemical laced foods is not going to get you better faster.
5. Slow the F down and rest.
I know, I know, but it’s necessary and you need to do it. I have noticed over the last few years that when I start to feel sick it isn’t actually a real, full-fledged flu. It’s normally my body giving me a 9-1-1 FYI to slow the fck down and relax and rest. When I’m on the go I am moving and grooving at a very rapid pace. I’m going a mile a minute and it’s hard to stop and you don’t even notice that you need to until something happens or something stops you. Don’t let onset sickness symptoms screw up or derail your fun- just rest, stop and relax. If you have to schedule it, schedule it, but make sure it happens. It’s better to plan to have to rest or slow down than to have to do it at the WORST TIME EVER because your body is shutting down in rebellion.
6. Use essential oils.
I have a DoTerra essential oil called OnGuard that I use almost every time I fly. It helps me to not get sick, it has helped my body calm down and sleep better and it’s helped me get better faster when I was already sick. It is Heaven sent. I put it on the bottom of my feet before I leave for the airport or go to sleep and it’s so amazing. It smells like oranges and Christmas and it works wonders. It was one of the essential oils I was recommended a million times by my essential oil distributer friends and I now understand why. Invest in an essential oil that helps with illness, germs and overall health maintenance.
7. Don’t let your pride get in the way.
I know it sucks being sick and I know it’s inconvenient as hell- especially when you’re on the road but guess what? IT HAPPENS. People get sick. Dogs bark. Donald Trump is president. Things happen- even if we don’t want them to and it’s okay to tell people that you don’t feel well and that you need some time to recoup and recover. The world is not going to end because you missed that birthday brunch or couldn’t go to that movie premiere. It’s okay. I swear. Take this as a time to be honest with yourself and others. At the end of the day it’s going to be weirder and more embarrassing if you show up to your event(s) with a snotty nose or a cough from Hell. Everyone will pity you and feel bad or they’ll avoid you completely in hopes of not catching whatever you have. It’s better to stay home or in your hotel for a bit and to only emerge when it’s absolutely necessary. Sharing is caring- except when it comes to germs. No one wants them.
7a. Be flexible with your plans.
If you need to reschedule or move things around, now is the time to do so. Follow tip #7 and figure it out. It sucks, I know- but it happens. I had a friend in town from London who I hadn’t seen in ages and I happened to be in the same city as her one weekend and woke up with a fever and body aches and had to make that call. Did I want to? HELL NO. Did I feel like crap? YUP. So I’ll have to see her next time. *pout-y face*. The best part about it all was she was so kind and understanding about my not being able to come to the day party with her. I felt cared for in that moment and that she understood that I wasn’t avoiding her or being lazy. Kindness is everything. S/O to Deborah.
8. Find the right medicine ASAP.
Do not make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to get medication. Most hotels and all airports carry a ton of meds that you can take immediately when you feel like crap. Whether it’s allergies, body aches, or the flu- there is a pill nearby that you can take to get relief and to start getting better faster. I’m not saying rush the process and I’m not saying medicate the millisecond you start to feel like poo. I’m just saying try your best to not wait until you’ve had a snotty nose or a fever for 3 days before taking something. A lot of times we wait to see if maybe it’s a fluke and you’ll sleep it off. If you do not sleep it off and it’s still there the next day and it’s impairing your ability to do normal things (like breathe or laugh) it probably needs to be treated. Take something and move on. I keep some DayQuil and Tylenol in my bag now just in case. The feeling of body aches is enough to make me want to go home crying to my Mom and neither of us have time for that. A little bit of preparation goes a long way!

I hope these 8 tips make sense and come in handy the next time you find yourself far away from home with a snotty nose and a box of Mucinex. I hate being sick, just like most people, but nowadays it’s less about me getting sick from other people and more about my body needing to rest and replenish itself. Your immune system is only as good as the quality of your gut health. What you put in you get out. What you put in is what your body uses to fight off germs and bad bacteria. It’s very much like fuel. If you use the cheap fuel from that sketchy gas station where it looks like you’ll probably get your identity stolen from their old ass card reader- you know what’s going to happen. Your car will drive like crap and you’ll be sad. If you put in better quality fuel from a gas station that looks like someone has cared about it this year, you’ll be much better off. Same thing applies to your body.

Bottom line: take care of you to the best of your ability and listen to your body.
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