8 Ways to Network Better Every Month

Hey y’all! It’s dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new month FILLED with new opportunity.

Are you ready to seize it??

I know a lot of us have goals that we still really want to meet this year and some big things we still have planned to do before we put away our bikinis and crop tops and pull out our boots and scarves.

One of the top things I am seeing on many people’s lists these days is NETWORKING!

We want more friends and more fun and more adventure and sometimes more knowledge, connections and opportunities.

Here’s some good news: there is still time to get a ton done and to meet some amazing people.

Here are 8 ways you can network better this month:

1. Start attending different events. Day parties are great, but guess what? Vodka isn’t always your friend and it typically doesn’t connect you with meaningful people that will yield lasting relationships.

2. Write down your networking goals. Get a pen and paper or open up Evernote and start jotting down who you want to meet, when and why.

3. Make more time. Make more time in your schedule to have fun. Plan business networks into your week days and days before you’re set to go. It’ll get you mentally prepared and you’ll probably be more likely to go.

4. Update your LinkedIn and social media accounts. Make sure you are ready to attract whatever it is you want into your life and set yourself up to win. Don’t let old information keep you stuck in Q1.

5. Talk to more strangers. Get comfortable striking up conversation with people you don’t know. Maybe that means talking to your next door neighbor when you see them walking their dog or maybe it means speaking to the new girl at work and getting to know her. Strike up MORE conversations.

6. Don’t get lazy. I know it’s hot as HELL in most places in the US right now but do not let the heat keep you alone and bored at home. Go out in the morning, go out at night, schedule your stuff around the hottest time of the day and space things out so you don’t get overheated or overwhelmed with events or activities.

7. Try a new activity! Again, I know it’s hot out but what can you do that you haven’t done before? Maybe try bowling or a salsa class (indoors of course). Go out and have some fun, shake it up and enjoy yourself.

8. Get accountability. Find someone who is going to keep up with you and make sure you aren’t wasting another month or missing amazing opportunities to network and hit your goals. ****If you don’t have someone and you need someone- hit me up. Seriously- whitney@whitneydanielle.com. I’ve got you.

I realize being at the right place at the right time isn’t always easy, but with the right mindset, you can quickly get to a point where you start noticing things aligning up for your best interests.

I hope this month is not only fun, but profitable, memorable and productive as ever.

You’ve got this!

Happy Networking,
Whitney Danielle