9 Inspirational Black Girl Magic Podcasts

Here are 9 podcasts, hosted by amazing Black women who I feel inspire, motivate and teach in brilliant ways.

1. Switch Pivot or Quit. I love Ahyiana so much and she is such an amazing person. Her show is authentic, just as she is and it’s relatable and helpful. She has an array of topics and does some fantastic interviews with some phenomenal people. Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.


2. Network & Spill. I have to promote this podcast because it’s my baby and it’s a culmination of everything I’ve wanted to see in a personal development and community building podcast. Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

3. Happy Black Woman Podcast. I have loved Rosetta Thurman for many years. Her energy is magnificent and her guests are as well. Her show always brings something great to the table and she always makes you think. Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

4. Blessed + Bossed Up. I’ve been following Tatum Temia for a minute now and I adore her. She keeps it 100 AND she keeps it positive and her advice is always amazing. I love her perspective and her reflections- life truly is a journey, and she does a great job at sharing hers. Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

5. The Black (Un)conscious. I met these two at the DC Podfest in 2018 and they are amazing. Dr. Hopkins & Raquel are AMAZING people and soooo smart it makes me wanna cry. Their point of views are incredible and they’re the kind of folks you wanna invite to your house for those deep, intellectual conversations. Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

6. The Courtney Sanders Show. Courtney is SO much fun. Her topics are always on point and she never disappoints. I’ve personally been following her since the “Think and Grow Chick” days, but she is forever evolving and growing into her BEST self on this show. Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

7. Brown Ambition. I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany at a conference last year in Atlanta and I dig everything she does. Mandi is cool af too!!!! This podcast is full of not only — USEFUL information, but personality and energy. One of my favorite go-to’s, hands down. Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

8. My Taught You: Myleik Teele. Straight up: Myleik is a badass and a boss. Her story is incredible and her podcast is too. She takes you with her on her journey through life and business and I love watching her go. She is #spearkgoals and has a beautiful spirit. Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

9. Woman Evolve Podcast. Sarah Jakes Roberts BRINGS IT EVERY SINGLE TIME, Y’ALL. I love listening to her speak. She expresses herself in a way that I relate to, resonate with and wanna hear more of. Beautiful inside and out- her show is great if you need some inspiration and a good WORD! Check it out HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.