Are you Secretly Struggling?

Being on the struggle bus sucks.

It sucks even more when everyone around you has no idea that you’re struggling so hard in the first place, right?

But that’s what happens when your life looks amazing from the outside looking in and no one around you knows what’s really good.


I mean, why would anyone really think there was something wrong or not perfect with your life? *sigh*


You have a degree from a good school.

You have a decent paying job.

You’re strong & independent af.

You take care of your body.

You have friends who are also doing cool things.

You’re social and go out and have a good time.

You dabble in travel, dating and living wild and free.


How on God’s green earth could YOU, of all people be struggling?????


((insert eyeroll gif))


The thing is- most people struggle in private because they think it’s easier that way.


Why tell someone who will either make it worse or who won’t even listen to you in the first place?

Why be vulnerable when most people can’t stop scrolling long enough on Instagram to truly get you?

Why put your problems on the table for someone to turn around and tell the whole world?

Why set yourself up to be judged???????


I 100% get it.

You’ve got a reputation to withhold, right?

“Don’t let ‘em see you sweat”, right?

You’re a “single, independent woman who don’t need no [man]”, right?


Girl, bye.


Secretly struggling is NOT the move.


There is no prize at the end of the struggle bus ride when you finally get off.

There’s no applause for figuring things out on your own and beating yourself up in the meantime.


The time has come to start being vulnerable, to start being able to confide in people who genuinely care about you and your struggles.

The time has come to start having people in your life who you can lean on, get advice from sometimes and who will hold space for you.

You don’t have to do ANY of this alone.


A lot of times, we struggle alone because we don’t feel like we can ask for help.

We don’t think our problems are worth hearing or listening to.

Or maybe our friends and family are all busy with their own problems. Maybe those problems seem bigger/”more important” than yours?


We do not need to measure our problems against those in our lives. This is not a competition.


If you do not have help in your social circle and you need support, cheerleading, advice, feedback, someone to lean on, someone to actually LISTEN- you need to find someone outside of your social circle.


Maybe you need some therapy, maybe you need a coach, maybe you just need a cheerleader who keeps it real, is positive and wants to see you win.

I don’t know what you need, but you do.


Think of it like this:
The longer you keep struggling and keeping your problems inside, the longer you stay exactly where you are and/or slowly creep towards a resolution.

Do you know how much longer you’re going to be on the struggle bus?

When you’re actually on a bus, there’s often a string you can pull above your head. You reach up, grab the string and pull it down and the driver knows you need to get off at the next stop.


Pull. The. String.

It’s time to get off the struggle bus and start walking it like you’ve been talking it.

I know you’ve been talking it- if only to yourself.

You’ve got epic dreams, goals and aspirations. You’ve got your vision board up. You pin inspirational images to your boards on Pinterest.


It’s time to werk, girl.


I know it’s sometimes hard to get off the struggle bus- after a while you get a little warm and comfortable, maybe you meet some people on the bus who invite you to a few pity parties, maybe life seems scarier off the bus winning.


Whatever is keeping you ON the struggle bus needs to be strong enough to get you to walk OFF that bitch.


You’ve got this.


Did I mention you’re not alone?


The minute you decide to get off the struggle bus, quit struggling with the same crap and move towards your goals is the minute life starts to align shit up to help you.


When the student is ready, the teacher appears, no?




I am not a therapist, nor am I a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor.

I am a coach. A cheerleader. A consultant. A strategist. A business professional. A life professional. An unbiased knowledgebase. A networker. A well-connected woman. A single, independent Black woman who also doesn’t need no man.


And we’ve got this.

Together we will always be stronger.

You just have to be ready to get vulnerable and get down to business.


If you’re ready and if you’re tired of struggling- let me know.



I am one person and I, like you, have limited time and availability.

Your dreams are worth it. You are worth it. Do not wait. Do not hesitate.

Time is 1000% of the essence here. Why? Because this life is not guaranteed. Shit, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.


I’m SOOO ready to see you strut off that damn struggle bus and into your greatness.

Let’s show the world, and more importantly YOU what it looks like to step out on faith.  


Talk soon,

Whitney Danielle