Are you Yo-Yo Living? + How to Stop

You know what yo-yo living is, right?

It’s like yo-yo dieting except instead of starting and stopping a diet you start and stop your life goals and dreams.

You get started, lose momentum, wait a while, procrastinate a bit, then start again and repeat this cycle or some form of it, over and over and over again.

I’m going to be honest: yo-yo living sucks

You feel like you’re in stop and go traffic, except you rarely actually get to your destination in peace and it’s your LIFE…

So it’s all you think about.

It consumes you.

Every 3rd thought is regretting not doing something,

Being upset that you didn’t finish something,

Frustrated that you didn’t follow through once you started something.


It’s exhausting.

How do you get off this ridiculous ass roller coaster of emotions?

Especially when you’re a super ambitious person with hella drive and motivation.

You follow tons of inspiring people on the interwebs…

What gives?

What on Earth is wrong with you?


Maybe you should schedule more things?

Maybe you need someone to bounce ideas off of?

Maybe you need a better planner from Staples?

Maybe your ideas and dreams are too lofty?

Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong things?

Maybe your life should just wait until you do that one thing you’ve been meaning to do forever?


Listen… I 100000% get it.

I am the QUEEN of procrastination… and excuses…

Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you…


Homework assignments: last minute

Joining meetings: last minute

Going to events: last minute

Buying tickets to places: last minute


And believe me when I tell you I can come up with a damn good, grade A excuse on the drop of a dime, ANYTIME ANYWHERE.


It’s just a skill I’ve acquired, I guess?


…Except that “skill” that HABIT, had me yo-yo’ing for waaaaaaay longer than I would have liked.

At one point (ok, at many points), I was embarrassed. Ashamed. And even more than that- frustrated.


Everyone thinks I’m super confident, super organized, have everything together but I literally procrastinate almost anything major in my life.


WTF, Whitney.


Then I started thinking about the times when I didn’t stop doing something- I finished it all the way through with no drama.

(This was easy to think about because it really didn’t happen often…)


It hit me: I followed through and actually finished things that I was either:

  1. Super pumped about
  2. Had some sort of epic outcome or prize at the end
  3. Meant more to me than doing the opposite or doing nothing at all


Hmmmm…. Okay… So what does this mean?


I then started thinking about the things I hadn’t finished, things I procrastinated doing all of the time and dreams that hadn’t come to fruition yet.


Was I super pumped about this thing?

Was there a prize or something epic that I would get/benefit from at the end?

Did this thing mean more to me than not doing it or having it?


Now I was getting somewhere…


I realized it was about momentum for me- being able to keep the steam going and not running out of it that got me to the finish line with my dreams and my super long to do list.


If I got started with enough fuel, excitement and energy I usually made it to the end…

It was when I started doubting myself, worrying about bullshit and focusing on too many or the wrong things that slowed me down and made it so I ran out of steam WAY before I got to the finish line.


I realized that if I wasn’t getting something out of it- a prize, bragging rights, recognition, a reward, something tangible or emotional that I really wanted- my mind and focus would wander…


So it didn’t even matter what the goal was- if I couldn’t imagine or see gaining something or releasing something I wanted to release- I wasn’t going to follow through (there had to be a [metaphorical] shiny object).

I also realized that the opposite of what I wanted happening had to be greater than I originally thought. You see, we seem to think if we want it bad enough that’s all we need- and for some people that’s enough, but for others it isn’t.


I need to want the thing SO bad that if I don’t get it or if it doesn’t happen or if my life stays exactly the same, I will be pissed/crushed/upset/devastated. The repercussions have to be real and they have to suck.


When was the last time you thought about WHY you weren’t accomplishing your goals?

Have you thought about why you start or stop?

Like that exact moment when you could do something, you SHOULD do something that will have an affect on your reaching a goal or accomplishing something and you choose not to.


You say:

“Naw, I’ll do that later” or

“Meh- I don’t have xyz ready/available/assistance” or

“It’s not the right time for me to have that” or

“This is crazy, insane- what was I thinking to even consider this idea?!”


I want you to really start thinking about the times you started something and then stopped.

It feels like a pause, but you really stopped.

And end up having to go back and re-calibrate, review and r-prioritize or re-strategize your idea or goal.


When will enough be enough?

When will the frustration push you to the edge?

When will you decide what it is you really want and how much it means to you?


If you don’t take your goals seriously, your dreams as a viable option- who will?


If you get in your head, like I do- maybe you’re an #overthinker or #overachiever, having support is crucial and ultimately paramount to follow-through.

I know, I know- I talk a lot about follow-through, but a lot of times we don’t follow through with things not because we lack motivation, but because we spiral down a crazy + incessant downward doubt slide.

One negative thought leads to a doubtful one leads to an anxious one leads to another negative thought that leads to a totally outlandish one and then BOOM- we’re just riding the crazy train wave.

We spiral, we doubt ourselves, we talk ourselves out of the very thing(s) we want.


Who’s there to help talk you through that?


Your Mom?

Your bestie?

Do they understand your “crazy/outlandish/lofty dreams and goals”?

Do they believe in you + your ability to attain these goals?


#MajorKey: You need support, hun

Without out it, you will continue to stop and go, stop and go or pause indefinitely.


Can you eventually get your shit together solo and make it to the finish line?

Absofuckinlutely- people do it all the time.

But if you’re anything like me- for the big stuff, the stuff that makes you squirm a little, the dreams that make you feel like you’ve lost every big girl panty in your dresser- you need a little cheerleading, a little external feedback and motivation. Someone to HELP you get to the finish line faster + more efficiently.


Multiple times a week I send out inspirational emails, tweets and messages on my Instagram stories.

Add me.

Maybe you need a little motivation and inspo, maybe you don’t.


Either way, when/if you get tired of yo-yo living, look me up.

Because the one thing I know for sure about yo-yo living is: It’s always easier to keep going when you’ve got a cheerleader on the sidelines cheering you on while you go after the RIGHT goals and dreams meant for you.


Ya feel me?


Talk soon,

Whitney Danielle