Get Out of Your Funk… NOW - Whitney Danielle
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Get Out of Your Funk… NOW

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If you’ve been feeling kinda funky- and not in the good, dance/groove kinda way, let’s talk…


Typically, when I’m in a funk, there’s one or more underlying issues at bay that I usually feel like I have little to no control over.


Something didn’t go my way…

I didn’t get the call…

Someone told me no…

The weather is doing the MOST and f*cking up my flow…

Someone said something mean and hurtful…

I feel bloated, blah and miserable…

My favorite shows all end for the summer…

A relationship comes to an end…



Whatever the reason that began the downward spiral to me being in a funk, I usually end up feeling really low, super sad, and at times, incorrigible.


Of course, after a while, I end up getting tired of being in a funk, feeling sorry for myself or being miserable and make an effort to shift things to a better place.


But how do you speed this process up so you spend less time feeling bad and sorry for yourself and more time getting things done and working towards your dreams?


The first thing you might want to consider is something seemingly simple:


Ask yourself: what would make me REALLY happy right now? Like BIG SMILE happy?


Regardless of the funk I’m in, there’s ALWAYS something I can do to boost myself back and sometimes that one thing is enough to lift my spirits enough to break the funk- other times it’s enough to get the ball rolling towards positivity and gratitude instead of pity parties and slumming it.


Do you need to watch some stand up comedy on Netflix or at your local improv spot?

Do you need to plan a small or large spa day- get a massage, get a mani/pedi, float in one of those floatation machines?

Do you need to go out and turn tf up? Let your hair down a litte? Get dolled up a bit?

Do you need to take some PTO, catch up on some rest and/or sit at home and binge watch your favorite movies or an entire season of ANTM?

Do you need to spend some time with your crazy friend or a funny relative or hug a puppy?

Do you need to get laid??


Truly think about it and figure out a way to do this thing or something like it and if it changes your mood or redirects your energy to something besides whatever it is you’re upset/frustrated/sulking about, RIDE THAT WAVE BABY.


Another thing to do when you’re in a funk is to give yourself permission to fully feel your feelings and work through the issue like a mature, level-headed adult.


That may be a big pill to swallow- especially if you’re like me and can be really good at dodging and avoiding super complicated issues.


Sometimes we think someone is going to save us.

We wait.

And wait.

But no one comes.

Everyone is busy with their own shit and they forget that we’ve been in our PJ’s for 3 days, haven’t showered in 4 and have only eaten ice cream and Chick-fil-a all week.


It’s up to YOU, boo.

You have to make the decision to stop being in a funk, to pick yourself up and to do what’s going to work for you.


You might be lucky enough to have fantastic friends who notice that you’ve been wearing the same striped leggings since Friday and you haven’t been as enthusiastic about normal things as much.

Maybe they will have a heart-to-heart with you or will tell you to snap out of it.

Maybe that will work- maybe it won’t.


The good news: you’ve got this… + you can get help whenever you feel you’re open to it.


A solid, reliable friend with a shoulder to lean or cry on could be super helpful.

A long come to Jesus conversation with a relative or BFF could shake you back to reality.

A few months with a coach and a strategic plan to help you not only get out of your funk but actually help you move towards your goals with fervor and drive might be your best bet.


Only you know what the next move needs to be- but only you can make that conscious choice for yourself. No one else.


Need a boost right now or some words of affirmations?


[Download this free, printable document with a list of affirmations that you can use every morning and every night before you go to bed or even to glance at while you’re at work.]


Remember: this is all temporary- your funk, the wack attitude you can’t seem to shake, the breakup, the job loss, the pain, the pimples, the drama.

It will subside and soon you’ll be shaking it like a Polaroid picture, drinking a Moscow Mule on some rooftop bar or surrounded by people you love and adore.


I’m always here for you no matter where you are in the process and no matter how shitty you feel.


We may not know each other personally, but I pride myself on being that unbiased third party who cheerleads you on and roots for you like Tyra Banks rooted for that chick.


You’ve got this.


Funk be gone!


Now let’s get it.


Infinite Bear Hugs,

Whitney Danielle