How I Made 7 New Friends in 7 Days Networking

Most of you know that I just recently moved to Dallas, TX.

I moved here and only knew a few people and didn’t even have a car until very recently. I needed friends and I needed them fast.

Unfortunately, acquiring friends is not like getting candles from Target or ordering food on Postmates. It’s work & it takes time.

Having said that, I want to also say that in this day and age, friendships can easily start of super intense or very lofty and develop or fizzle depending on a variety of random factors.

Many of us don’t have the friends we had in high school or maybe we moved away for work or love and we want to build a life for ourselves from the ground up.

Enter: the internet.

The internet is a beautiful thing when it comes to connecting, meeting people and having fun.

I used and Facebook Events to find a bunch of events in Dallas and literally scrolled and saved and starred a bunch of events to fill my calendar.

I only went to 3 Meetups – one on Tuesday, one on Thursday and one on Saturday. Some of you may be saying “YOU ONLY WENT TO 3 MEETUPS?” and some of you may be surprised that it only took 3 events to gain such traction.

How did I find the time?

Well, I made the time. I also made sure that the events were in the evening and even though I was SUPER busy with a billion other things, and on Saturday I literally did not want to leave my new quiet apartment, I went anyway and showed up.

The power of a RSVP is huge for me. I realize it’s easy to just change your YES to a NO or to switch your invite from GOING to just Interested is super easy, but for me I treat it very seriously.

If I RSVP for something, I try my best to not cancel or change that RSVP the day of. This is important to Meetup and to life in general. Commit to commit, my loves.

The events I chose were the following: really big Networking Event, Museum Meetup to see the Frida exhibition, and a brunch on Saturday morning.

All of the events were totally different from one another and all of them were amazing.

I met dozens of people at the Networking event on Tuesday and a handful of solid contacts on Thursday at the Dallas Museum of Art and a whole group of great people at the brunch event.

It was SO cool.

I understand that “friends” can feel like a heavy title here for people that you barely know, but in the context of this post I am saying friend as someone who has a HUGE possibility and potential for being in my life for a while.

Out of the dozens of people I came in contact with my first week in Dallas in my new apartment, I would say 7-10 of them are people I see myself hanging out with, networking with and connecting with in the near future and ALREADY HAVE.

All of these people I have spoken with via e-mail, on social media, or via text multiple times since we originally met and hung out.

I know about their interests, where they’re from, what they like to do and many of them I have made plans with already now that I am back in town.

The key here is keeping in touch with people.

I reached out, they reached out, and the ones who disappeared or ghosted after a few failed attempts at keeping in touch, went to the bottom of the list.

I have met up with and stayed in close contact with 5 people from the Networking event. One of them is a fitness trainer, one works for a transportation company, another is a mogul here in Dallas (we met for happy hour two days after the Networking event), one is someone I’d love to work with, and one is a local.

From the Museum event, I made more acquaintances than friends- the host is someone I want to stay in touch with and one of the guys offered to give me some recommendations on local places to go.

The brunch was the other big event and it led to a phenomneal day altogehter. I met a guy who has a LONG LIST of things he wants to do this summer and he e-mailed it to me and said to let him know which events I’m down to go to and do. What?! Who does stuff like that? I Love it! I met the organizer of the brunch and she has since invited me to 3 events since that day (I was out of town, but we’ve kept in contact via text and on Snapchat… add me: whitneydclife). I also met 2 other women- one from the DMV like me and one who’s a native Texan and we have all been in contact- one invited me to a GroupMe chat of local Dallas women. It was great!

How many people did I end up befriending? A lot. And I’m not worried about the numbers- I’m happy with the opportunities and the connections.

It’s not about how many people we have on Instagram following us or how many folks watched our videos on Facebook or Snapchat. It’s about quality connections with real humans who express their interest and how you can be of service to those in your social circle.

It’s about how you show up for the world and for the people in your phone every single day of the month- not just when you feel like showing up.

This is not an easy thing to do- being vulnerable with new people and in new situations. But it’s worth it. I’m here to tell you that.

You’re worth it.

Put on some cute heels, grab your sunglasses or lip gloss and GO to that event.

There are people out there who want to meet someone JUST LIKE YOU and who you have actual things in common with!

There are people out there who like the SAME STUFF as you!

But you can’t meet them if you’re in the house, watching Scandal. You must go. Go out into the wilderness and have some fun. Do things you like, do things you don’t know if you’ll like, do things that make you kinda nervous and sweaty, and push through the discomfort.

Looking forward to seeing you meet and connect with some new people very very soon.

Whitney Danielle