How to Avoid Sleazy People at Networking Events

Just the other night I attended a very large networking event at a pretty swanky venue yielding a really decent crowd of people.

I was shocked at how diverse the group was and how many people showed up.

There were lots of men, a nice age-range of people, and folks from all walks of life.

It was a great event and I left feeling energized and grateful I had attended and met some cool people.

After the event, I met up with some old (and new) friends and the new guy- with a weird expression on his face like I was setting myself up for disaster by wasting my precious time meeting up with strangers, asked me why I go to networking events.

I told him why and saw where he was going with this… He was wondering how I navigate and avoid the sales-y, super self-motivated and money hungry type of sleazy people.

A lot of people feel like networking events are like this, and a lot of people let this be the reason why they stay at home, alone, binging on Game of Thrones or Power.

Your network is your networth.
It’s not what you know, but who you know.
Birds of a feather, flock together.
There is no I in team.

Can I stop now?

We all know how important networking is- but yet and still we let things like sleazy people, or the possibility of a weirdo or really pushy or annoying or aggressive person keep us from winning BIG.

Here is how you STOP letting these people screw up your future network of greatness:

CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. (Like, immediately)

If you go in with the idea that you are going to meet creepy people, guess what? You will.
If you go in not even thinking about it and knowing that you will meet at least ONE decent human being- you will.

It’s honestly that simple.

Your attitude is your biggest tool and ally for getting what you want in life.
You have the power to meet the people you want to meet and to be at the right place at the right time.

I was telling a friend this recently and she sort of blew me off.
Then we went to a conference together. On the way to the conference we talked about a friend who was finishing up a book she was riding and how much she hates editing and needs help with it.

We get to the conference and the FIRST BOOTH WE SEE IS A PUBLISHING COMPANY.
It was weird. It was random. It was fate? Or, it’s the power of intention.

Moral of the story: You get to choose your own adventure.

Choose to only attract the best, most high quality folks into your life.

Choose to only surround yourself with people with the best attitudes, mindsets and personalities.

Make the choice.

Make the choice like you did this morning when you were picking out your underwear or choosing what song to listen to on Spotify.

Hint: pick something positive.

You will get what you ask for. So stop asking for what you don’t like, what you don’t want and things that make you go eww.

Here’s the last kicker: I don’t meet sleazy or salesy people.

I just don’t.

I meet people who are high energy or a little off sometimes, but never people who give me the creeps or make me feel obligated to take their business card at a networking event or call them later on.

I act as an authentic and caring individual who is transparent and sprightly, people pick up on that and they feel more relaxed to be themselves because I am. It’s an energy thing, but it’s something you can work on and teach yourself.

Just be you, breathe, and walk into each and every networking event like you are ready to meet someone absolutely amazing.

Maybe you want to meet a new girlfriend to hang out with. Maybe you want to meet a graphic designer because your website is still gross. Maybe you want to have someone help you with your taxes next year because this year you almost gauged your eyes out doing them yourself.

Figure out what you want and change your attitude to match that outcome.

Figure out what you are looking for and match your energy and expectations to that outcome.

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That’s it, my friends.

I hope this helps! (Now go meet someone amazing!)

Whitney Danielle