How to be Memorable at Professional Networking Events - Whitney Danielle
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How to be Memorable at Professional Networking Events

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Ever been to an event and you recognized someone and you were excited to talk to them and see how they were doing?
Ever been to an event and someone looked familiar but you couldn’t remember anything about them?
Ever had someone recognize you at an event and they had you confused with someone else (of the same age, industry or race)?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here.
We all want to be liked and remembered: in life, in business and in social settings.

Many of us want people to know who we are and what we have to offer, for business reasons or personal ones. It’s good to be on someone’s radar because that’s how networking truly flourishes.

So how do you become someone who is memorable? Do you have an interesting name or background story? Is your business one of a kind or are you in love with the color pink or fancy shoes or purses? What is it about you that stands out?

People tend to remember patterns and things that stand out or seem different.

Even if you are in the audit industry and do something quite mundane or regular, there is something about you that is unique or stands out. Maybe you have a great story or a memorable moment in work or life that you can share with someone you meet at an event.

When you start to own what makes you different and the story you have to tell- opportunities open up for people to remember more than just your face or name.

Many of us think our stories aren’t unique or interesting and that we need to be the same person all of the time where ever we go. Allow the different facets of your life and personality come alive. Allow yourself to be open to talk and discuss different things that you might have an interesting point of view or experience with.

Remember: if someone doesn’t remember you, don’t take offense. Some people have bad memories and many people don’t take the time to remember those they meet. That is their circus, not yours.
Repetition helps and you being a regular in their network will help them to be more likely to remember you later down the road, so let it go.

Focus on being yourself and shining brightly, being communicative and approachable and having positive or high energy and people will being to remember you. You will stand out more simply for the fact that most people don’t listen to others, don’t connect beyond a surface level and don’t use their body language and energy to boost their interactions with people.

You’ve got this!

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