How to be More Active in Facebook Groups - Whitney Danielle
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How to be More Active in Facebook Groups

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If you are in some amazing Facebook Groups (and I hope you are), I want to give you some tips on how you can be more active in them.
The first bit of information that’s important to acknowledge is that overwhelm on Facebook is already a very real thing for many of us.
Having said that, I think it’s best to have a very manageable number of Facebook Groups that you are a part of. Otherwise, it will be very hard to keep active within the groups as well as business as usual on Facebook itself.
For me, having 5-10 groups is more than plenty and the only reason why I would go as high as 10 is because I have some groups for very specific reasons or location-based event groups.
When it comes to networking and building an online connection or even an online presence for myself online- Facebook Groups holds SO many opportunities. For free!
One thing I noticed in my Facebook Groups are the posts that I see that provide a lot of value or are funny and well-written and capture my attention.
These are the kinds of posts I think creating are necessary. They get a lot of engagement and seem to be well-received when on-point and/or on-topic.
Commenting on other people’s posts and being super responsive is huge. If you’re only posting but you never engage on other people’s posts, you lose out on a big opportunity to reach more people personally and individually.
Paying attention to the rules of the groups you’re in are very important as well. Many groups have rules for what types of things you can post and when. I always say to take note of this and only post when allowed per that group’s rules. You joined the group, so accept the guidelines and make it work for you.
If your group has a Promo Day or a Sell Your Stuff Day, remember to post on that day and get in the conversation with folks. I have gone through and looked through the Sell Your Stuff Day comments and it was SO cool to see what everyone does.
Building a network through Facebook Groups can be easy, but you must plan ahead and provide value. Being friendly and responsive doesn’t hurt either 🙂
When approaching people within my Facebook Groups, I always try to be purposeful and poignant. If I like what they’ve been saying on posts I’ve seen or if I am interested more in what they do, or if I think I can help them, I always do my best to reach out and say something.
Initiating conversations with people in your Facebook Group’s can always start off from the simple fact that you already share an interest in the same Facebook Group. Maybe you’re in an Entrepreneur Group or maybe you’re in a group for Business Professionals in your town. Whatever kind of group you’re in, use that as a common interest and begin your conversation from there or by asking a specific question or talking about a post that happened recently, etc.
If you are active in your Facebook Groups, people will notice and you’ll start getting more and more comments on your posts and people will go out of their way to reach out to you or to communicate with you in general.
Being friendly, open, level-headed and by providing valuable information, resources, content, or even your opinion, can be a great way to set yourself up to win.
Many of the Facebook Groups I’m in don’t have a ton of engagement and I think it can happen for a couple of reasons. In my experience it happens when the people in the group don’t necessarily find a ton of value in the group as a whole. Other times it’s simply that there aren’t a lot of people in the group or the people in the group ARE NOT participating!
Participation is the KEY to an amazing Facebook Group.
If you are in a group and you’re not seeing the engagement that you want but you know there are some powerful and amazing people in the group that you want to network more with you have a couple of options.
First, you can individually contact the people in the group if they have their settings set up to receive messages from people. When you reach out you can ask them whatever you want to ask them that isn’t selling them anything or being pushy or abrasive.
Second, you can start posting in the group and being active and inspiring those in the group. If you do this while getting to know people individually, eventually people will start commenting more.
If engagement is super low in your group and you feel like you’re posting cool stuff and getting no hits, it might be time to move on to another group.
Finding the right group on Facebook is like finding the perfect Meetup Group on It can take a while, but once you find your group, life is oh so lovely.
Be patient and be active. Show up for yourself and show up for those in the group.
Tell people what it is that you want or that you love doing and want to do more of. Be personable and relatable.
Remember: no one else in that group (or in ANY Facebook Group) is going to be like you, so shine bright and engage. Engage until you start having some real fun and gaining some real connections.
Keep trying and keep doing your thang, and let me know if you have any questions or comments below or on social media.
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