How to Best Utilize the Meetup App - Whitney Danielle
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How to Best Utilize the Meetup App

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Over the last 5 years, has been my go-to place to meet new people, try new things, have fun and boost my network recreationally and professionally.

At times, I was a member of Meetups in 3 states due to such frequent nationwide travel. And it was fun!

So how can you best utilize the app? How can you get the most bang out of this fabulous downloadable app?

First: Make sure you are in the right Meetup Groups (groups that interest you and will be beneficial to your goals).

I talked about this before (peep my blog post on Why Networking Needs to be at the Top of your List for 2017), but I will say it again in case you missed it: using your networking and social building tools are crucial to your success in entrepreneurship, climbing the corporate ladder and just simply having more fun.

Make sure if your goals are to lose weight or go to the movies, get a few more clients or learn about stocks & bonds, you are placing yourself in the right groups on purpose.

Once you are in the right groups (you don’t need to be in every group ever, btw), you can start to decipher which events you want to go attend. Boom!

Second: Check the app frequently to see what’s going on in the groups you are a member of.

Once you open the app, you’ll see what is going on within the groups you are a member of.
Here’s a pro-tip: Don’t just look and browse. Look for an event that you like and are interested in and RSVP. Schedule it in your calendar and make a move. We all hate that really cute guy at the bar who just smiles and stares from across the room but never approaches… don’t be that guy.

Third: Check the app sporadically to see what’s going NEARBY (regardless of whether you are a member or not).

Sometimes I want to know what’s going on outside of the groups I’m in because I don’t see all of the new Meetups that pop up everyday near me. If you search by location proximity to you, all sorts of Meetup events will come up (anything from Singles Events to Entrepreneur Networking Meetings to Puppy Play Dates).

Scrolling this list often can help you go out of your comfort zone and in front of a group of people you would not have met otherwise.

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