How to Choose the BEST Networking Events to Attend - Whitney Danielle
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How to Choose the BEST Networking Events to Attend

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So many events, so little time! Ah!!

With deadlines, meetings, birthdays and everyday life and travel, how does the make time for networking events?

We have all showed up to events we thought were going to have a HUGE turnout and no one really showed up. Many of us have also had the opposite happen: a HUGE turnout to a sort of slept-on event.

Many networking events charge an entry fee. How do you know it’ll be worth your money as well as your time to go and see who all shows up?

Will you meet your next client? Will someone have the connection to help you land your next job? Will you meet a cute guy or girl? These are the questions going on in the back of your head and this is how I do it.

First- remember that not every event is going to blow your mind.
Second- remember that if you believe you are at the right place at the right time, you will be.
Third- remember that no one gets far without taking a chance or a risk.
Fourth- remember all the money you wasted on shots of tequila, expensive socks or fancy dinners. Paying for an event is an investment!

When choosing the right event to attend, make sure you don’t overbook yourself and make sure you are pumped about going. You are more likely to cancel or find something else to do magically at the last minute if you aren’t excited.

Another tip that I like is looking at the guest list. See how many people have RSVP’d already and if the numbers look good and the event looks diverse in demographics or careers, RSVP too!

Your attitude and mindset going in to the vent often will affect the outcome or experience you have. If you go in knowing that you are going to meet someone great, I assure you that you will. But if you go in doubtful and in a super blah mood, who knows what you’ll get…

When it comes to choosing the BEST type of events, I always say switch it up and try different types of events. I go to all sorts of events and I love it. I seek out events on Facebook, Eventbrite and Meetup and I regularly meet new people to mix and mingle with.

Regardless of the reasons behind your motives to network, be clear (like I’ve said in previous blog posts) and be ready to say YES to an opportunity. You might not get the warm and fuzzies for every event, but sometimes going to an event that is out of your comfort zone is crucial to your success. Maybe it’s a huge venue with hundreds of people expected, maybe it’s a small and super intimate event and you’re afraid you’ll be put on the spot too much. Press the corners of your comfort zone until you stretch yourself a little further. Chances are you’ll be happy you did.

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