How to Connect

The bad news: Drake was wrong: “no new friends” is BS.

The good news: Connecting with like-minded people can be fun, easy and 100% worth leaving the house.


Regardless of where you’re at in life right now- meeting and connecting with new people is crucial for a number of reasons:


Maybe you’ve simply decided you want to “get out there more” and be more social…

Maybe you’ve recently gotten out of (or want to get in to) a relationship…

Maybe you’ve recently moved to a new city or back to an old one…

Maybe you’ve decided you want to meet people who have similar interests as you OR are at the same place in life as you…


Connection is crucial.


Here’s how:


  1. Find Events + Fun things to do (ASAP)


Do not procrastinate on this- it’s literally the first step. A lot of us look at other people turning up online or doing fun things and say we’re going to plan something or do a brunch-thing soon and then we never do it. This stops now!

Use social media to do the work for you and find you poppin’ events locally. Meetup and Eventbrite and even Facebook Events are great tools for this. Join these FREE sites with an email address and some basic information about your interests and they will literally send you curated emails with local events happening in your area. Pro tip: You can also be proactive and search for keywords that interest you (ex. happy hour, car meets, music festivals, book clubs, clubbing, networking, marathons, etc.).


  1. RSVP, Commit, and Leave Your House!


Commitment is difficult… especially when you’re not sure if you’ll know anyone at the event you’re going to or if the event will be wack. Plus, leaving your warm, comfortable couch is also hard to do- especially when it involves putting on pants and/or putting in some effort to look presentable. You have to put in some effort and believe it will work out and pay off. Move past your fears, doubts, worries and apprehension and go anyway. Typically, when you’re nervous about going to an event, you really need to go, plus you end up having a way better time than you originally anticipated. Please, just go!


  1. Be Friendly & Open-Minded


This is going to sound cliche, because maybe it is, but: be the kind of person you want to meet. Be positive, open-minded and aware of the energy you bring to ANY event or meetup. Introduce yourself, speak up, smile. If you want to connect, you have to be open for a connection. Trying to connect while being standoffish and having an attiude is similar to trying to connect your iPhone to an Android charger- it simply doesn’t work.


  1. Make ACTUAL connections.


Sure, this may sound obvious, but it’s not. If you want to connect, you have to make an exchange. Introduce yourself to the host(s) of the event. Add some people you meet on Instagram or Facebook. Get the phone number of someone you hit it off with at the mixer. Bonus points if you make some future plans doing something fun with someone you connect with at an event.

Go to events with the intention of meeting someone and making a solid connection.  Keep in mind: sometimes you will have to make the first move and do the asking and sometimes someone will approach you… balance is good! No, they might not be your best man at your wedding, and they definitely might not be the person you marry- but you NEVER know when you’ll meet someone who changes your life forever.


Now get out there and Connect. Connect. Connect.