How to Deal with Seasonal Moodiness - Whitney Danielle
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How to Deal with Seasonal Moodiness

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I have lived all over the United States and have seen all sorts of weather. It STILL never fails that every fall and winter, my body is surprised and totally thrown off by the change in the weather patterns.

Yes, I live in beautiful, almost always sunny San Diego- but my family is in Northern Virginia.

I go home, or at least to the east coast every Thanksgiving and the lack of sunshine cripples me.

How could this be, Whitney? Don’t you have a calendar? Haven’t you lived in Northern Virginia before?

Yes- I have many calendars and I lived in Virginia for about 10 years, but it never fails.

Some years it’s been so bad I can count on one hand how many times I saw the sun that month.

My body yearns for the sunshine and the warmth on my face.

If I woke up and the sun was shining- my entire mood was different. My day would start off on an entirely different note. The sunshine ruled my world.

Part of me thinks it’s because I lived in Alaska where it is dark all the time and light all the time when I was a small child and it did something to my brain making me crazy for the sun… Other parts of me think I was just being extra.

Regardless of the why behind my moodiness- I come to you bearing some tips that you can use to help you get through the ups and downs and the highs and lows of the seasons.

[Note: Seasonal moodiness is merely moodiness associated with the change in seasons and feelings of angst or sluggishness that can occur when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Always do your research before doing or trying anything new but the tips I give are merely suggestions and examples of what I myself do to boost my mood throughout the year and in times of need.]

My first tip is to journal your ish out first thing in the morning. I don’t know about you, but most mornings I wake up with some things on my mind. Sure, it could be as random as what am I going to wear today because I hate all of my clothes, but I wake up with things on my chest and it is ALWAYS in your best interest to get those feelings out before you start your day.

The second tip shouldn’t come as a surprise coming from me… aromatherapy! You know I love my oil diffusers and all my essential oils. They are powerful tools and help in boosting moods and lifting spirits like no other.
Drop a couple of drops of doTerra’s “Elevation” blend onto your wrists in the morning when you wake up or put a couple of drops in your diffuser and enjoy! It may not be sunny and cheerful and bright where you are, but it will at least smell amazing and calm your body down so you aren’t constantly obsessing over whatever else is going on in your world.

The third tip I have for dealing with seasonal moodiness is to make sure you are getting outside and getting some fresh air. Aka: Be Active. Do something to get your blood going. Just last night I went walking around the shopping mall connected to my hotel in Houston. It was brightly lit, energetically happy and a great place to walk, listen to a podcast and get some steps in. Literally killing 39 birds with one stone. Get out there and get moving, sister. Your entire being will thank you later.

A follow up tip to working out and getting outside is to be around people who support you and care about you.
Call a friend, text a girlfriend and get loved on. Hang out with some little kids, a newborn or somebody’s new kitten or puppy. Your mood will rise because you won’t be able to stop talking about how cute they are.

Last tip of the day: be of service to someone else. Donate your time or efforts to a cause outside of your house and outside of your norm. Go volunteer. Go help one of your friends who is having a hard time this year with their kids or parents. How can you be of service to someone else? There is always someone else who has things way worse and you can always lift someone else up. Doing some good and bringing some smiles to someone else will no doubt bring some joy to you this season and keep your woes at bay.

Remember: I am not a doctor. I have suffered from clinical depression and anxiety and these are some things that keep me going through and through. Always consult with your doctor if you are feeling like you have depression or anxiety. There is help out there for you and people who really care.

I hope these tips help and I hope that you feel amazing as we all begin to close out this whirlwind of a year and start off on a new journey in 2017.

Bless up!