How to Come Off Friendlier & More Open at Events - Whitney Danielle
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How to Come Off Friendlier & More Open at Events

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One of the most common issues when going to networking and social events is people get caught up in the moment. They get nervous and they get flustered and overwhelmed and the next thing you know, they start feeling like they don’t belong.
They panic and they start thinking that the whole room is against them and that they are wasting their time and efforts because no one is going to talk to them, yet alone like them!
That does not have to be you… Ever Ever Again.
I want you to go to events feeling your best and looking super approachable and nice and YES- even you with the epic RBF or permanently crossed arms.
Speaking of crossed arms- let’s first and foremost address body language. It is SO important that I can’t emphasize this anymore without you all hating me.
Please: Start to become more aware of your body language when you go out and interact with people at events.
You can even start watching how other people are interacting in real life as well as on TV or other places you go or experience people communicating. Body language is super important to really connecting with people on an authentic level and getting people to approach you faster and getting people to assume that you’re open and friendly.
 I realize that you standing with your arms crossed may not be something you are doing intentionally. Old habits die hard, right?… Not necessarily… If you find yourself crossing your arms or standing in awkward or standoffish positions- do something that prevents you from doing that. Hold a drink instead of resting it on a table, hold your purse or your phone instead of using the extra long arm strap, whatever works. Just remember to act relaxed and calm and collected.
Fix your face and monitor your expressions. My eyes are big and when I see something strange or funny, my face reflects that as it is happening- but sometimes this is not always appropriate. Be aware of your facial expressions and your face and try to keep things light and happy if you want to appear that way. (Sometimes I use my facial expressions or my eyes to attract people to talk to- it is quite an effective technique I will teach later but is quite simple.)
Now that you have body language and facial expressions under control, let’s move on.
My second and last tip for today is to start becoming and embodying the person you are looking to meet at these events. I’m fairly sure you’re going to events to meet people who you respect, like, trust and get along with. Maybe you have things in common with them and they are fun or funny and easy to talk to.
Whatever kind of person you are looking to meet to either build your business, uplevel your career or just go out on the town with- you can totally take the opportunity to act how this person would act while you are at your event. Maybe they would listen a lot because you love good listeners. Maybe they would smile a lot to make people around them feel more at ease. Maybe they would offer to link you up with someone they know who they know would be perfect for what you’re looking for.
Do what they do and you will attract who you want to meet.
They say the same things to those looking for romantic relationships and I know it sounds counter-intuitive but it isn’t.
I think many of us are good at subconsciously or consciously attracting the kind of people who act in similar ways as us- in this environment though, we want to do it on a purely positive and tactful way. We are on a mission, we left the house for a reason and we need to go out there shining like the star we are.
If you want to meet someone amazing (and keep them around) you need to be amazing yourself (in some way or form). I’m not saying be the identical twin or clone of this person you are trying to meet, I am simply saying “like attracts like”. S/o to all of my law of attraction followers.
When you use your energy and your attitude and the vibes that you put out to purposefully attract and attain the things you want, you will typically see faster and more aligned results than simply winging it every time you do something.
It can’t hurt to try, right?
Become nicer, become more giving, become more open, become more passive or more forward. Whatever it is you are seeking, embrace it and ride the wave.
I know this got a little woo-woo for some of you, but I promise it’s good for you and I wouldn’t be telling you this stuff if it had not worked for me over and over and over and over again.
Between watching your body language, monitoring your facial expressions and embodying the essence of the type of person you wish to meet- you should be well on your way to looking way more open and friendly. You might even attract some amazing friends, clients and colleagues too.
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