How to Find & Own your “It Factor”

Have you ever met someone who just lit up a room with their personality?
Have you ever wanted to be the go-to person in your industry or amongst your peers?
How do you really know what your “It Factor” is and how to own it loud and clear?

The first thing I recommend you do is to find out what it is that you bring to the table SUPER well.
What makes you unique, special and unabashedly you?

Maybe you’re really into fitness or you love the healing arts; maybe you’re a plus-size fashionista or a badass website designer. We all have different skills and talents that we have to offer.

For people who are in industries like accounting or audit or research and feel like they don’t have a “creative” or “really exciting or unique” skill or talent, what about you personally is cool and fun? Do you have a side hustle or hobby you are amazing in? Do you play in a professional level bowling league or ride rare horses for fun? Think about it for a minute.

Struggling to find your special “thing”?
Ask a relative, a lover or your bff. Ask someone who knows you really well and who cares about you. They will tell you what it is that is unique about you if you can’t seem to pinpoint it.
Whatever they say, own it and WORK IT hard.

If your unique “It Factor” is a skill or a personality trait, awesome. If your Mom says something like “Oh honey, you are just so incredibly resourceful and helpful”- then make that work. If your best friend from 3rd grade tells you that you are friendly, outgoing and always in a good mood- then make that work. You have something. You need to own it.

When you start to own what makes you different- let that shine when you are at networking events.

If you are in the technology field and you notice someone has a super cool tech gadget or you secretly love vintage shoes and handbags and you see one, SAY SOMETHING!

I promise you that if you own what your talents are (secret or random) and you seek opportunities to talk to people about it, you will start to be a person of interest. People will remember you and they will associate whatever that skill or talent is with you and your name, face, company or brand.

We all have a special “It Factor” and it is our job and only our job to rock the hell out of it no matter where we go and who we meet.

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