How to "Get Out There" Online - Whitney Danielle
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How to “Get Out There” Online

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Getting out there online is super important for online entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Here are 5 tips for “getting out there” online:

  1. Showing up as yourself: this means that you are actively showing up to any event or function as the best you that you could possibly be. Leave the drama and the negativity aside and show up as YOU, because that’s who people want to meet and that’s who people want to network with. Let your personality shine online to the best of your ability. Try thing out and see what works and what doesn’t, but being yourself is always your best bet.
  2. Being consistent: being active online is cool, but only if you do it regularly and enough to make a real difference. What does that mean? Being online and being social on a very regular basis. Maybe that means posting things online and interacting with people on that post, maybe it means responding to other posts that you see and read about online. Showing up regularly means that people get to know who you are and have a better chance of remembering your username or profile picture.
  3. Providing value: whenever you post or show up online, provide some sort of value. Whether that is your opinion or some really informative information, provide people value. Make them go “hmm”, in a good way. When we make our online conversations about other people it gets them learning more and being more active towards us- and that’s the fun part!
  4. Leading people somewhere: telling people what you want them to do is super important because it helps the conversation to keep on going. Leading people to a one-on-one conversation or leading them to your website or blog or profile page is huge. Leading them to subscribe to your channel or newsletter or showing them what you have for sale, is crucial to getting out there online. If you’re just chit-chatting and building rapport and not leading people somewhere, you’re just socializing.
  5. Communicating with others: making sure that your communication online is more than a two-way street is important. Not just engaging on your own posts but engaging on other people’s posts and showing up on different social media outlets. Making sure that you are approachable online and communicate well is super important for getting out there online as well as building up a great network.

I really hope those 5 tips help you to boost yourself online and really get out there more. I know that being online can be daunting and somewhat challenging since it is a totally different world than our everyday worlds seem to be, but these steps are important.

These steps can easily take you from not being seen to being seen as THE person of interest online and in your social circles.

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