How to Immediately Bond with Anyone, Anytime - Whitney Danielle
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How to Immediately Bond with Anyone, Anytime

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The ability and the power to bond with someone randomly, who you don’t know, is amazing and super important.

I know a lot of us are looking to boost our businesses and careers and meeting good, quality people can be daunting… but not anymore.

The way to immediately bond with someone who you do not know, is to connect with them. You connect by being open and friendly and inviting.

When you smile, make eye contact and have opening body language, people will just start talking to you without you having to do much of anything. I swear!

No matter what your history with meeting folks has been, I promise you that you can start right now meeting people anywhere you go. And these people who you meet will be friendly, open and ready to talk to you about whatever comes up.

I have bonded with people in airports, stores, and even weird places like bathrooms and parking lots. I know.. sounds sketchy, but I promise it usually isn’t.

When I have an attitude that says “I am a nice person, say something to me”, people will say something to you.

Now if YOU see someone who looks friendly and inviting, then you should talk to them.

Oh, but what should you say?

Well, you can start with a question, a compliment or something agreeable. These are my favorite conversation starters and they always get the party going.

When I compliment someone or ask them a question or say something that they’ll probably agree to, the conversation begins and you can begin to bond over something great.

Here’s an example: You’re in line at Starbucks, and the person in front of you has a cool scarf on or a Patriots jersey on. You tell them how much you love their scarf and how warm it looks OR you ask if they’re a big Patriots fan or from New England and see what happens next. Typically the person will turn towards you and start telling you about the scarf or how they moved here from Boston 4 years ago with their Toy Poodle named Tom Brady.

Catch my drift?

This is how my life works and if you want to meet people anytime, any place, do these things and you can start bonding left and right.

Always remember to have fun with it and be yourself and don’t worry about people being mean or standoffish because it rarely happens (especially when you are taking the time to say something nice to them or about them).

Now go out there and bond with some strangers, baby!

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Happy Networking!