How to Introduce People At Events

Introducing people at events can be strange sometimes when you get nervous about how people are going to react to each other or in general. We all handle new situations and new people differently and you don’t want anyone to embarrass yourself or you!

Today I want to give you some simple pointers on how to introduce people who don’t know each other but could be make a great connection if introduced.

Every so often you might meet someone who wants or needs a product or service that someone you know or someone you just met does or sells. If this happens, the person you just met might be interested in being introduced to them and learning more.

How do you facilitate this without coming off salesy or pushy or weird?

I know a lot of us aren’t matchmakers or room facilitators or even hosts at the event- but if we meet someone who is looking for X and we know someone who does or provides X, then I think it’s in our best interest to connect them if we are looking to build our network up.

Let’s say you meet someone and you’re chatting and they pull out their business card and tell you that their website is under construction or it’s a horrible mess. Let’s say that before you met this person you meet someone who is a web designer with their own business. As you take the card of the person with the crappy website, here is where you can tell them that you actually just met someone who does website design so if they want to meet them or at least get some pointers, you know someone.

I am honest about our interaction and let them know the positive highlights from our conversation. Maybe that person seemed really knowledgeable or they just started their business last year and are looking for clients. Maybe the web designer is really funny and seems to be super fun to work with. Say something nice and then offer the introduction.

If the say yes and are excited, then walk over and find the web designer or wait until you see them, make eye contact and invite them to come over. Once you all are face to face, this is your opportunity to shine. Introduce the person with the bad website to the designer and explain why you thought it would be a good idea for them to meet.

Once this introduction has been made, you can stick around and listen or you can excuse yourself and go get some more punch or appetizers.

I have met some amazing people this way and I love connecting folks to one another wherever I go because sometimes people are too nervous to actually say what they need or make the first move.

After the two people you have introduced have begun talking, if they seem good to go and it looks like a good match then you have done something great for everyone, including yourself. Move on and keep working the room and meeting more amazing people.

Always remember to follow up with both parties and see how things went at a later time. Make sure that you got each of their information, especially if you had an interest in what they do or who they are as a person.

It is not your job to make sure that their relationships flourish or that they got a great deal on something- you were just the link that pulled them together. You were the messenger and you did your part. Use your best judgement and listen to your gut during all of these sorts of interactions and relationship building.

Networking can be fun but part of the “work” is using your resources and connections for the greater good.

Most people come to networking events to meet new people or to obtain something that will help them in some way, shape or form.

If you are introducing people who could potentially be great friends or even romantic partners, that can be a bit different. Maybe you have known one of them for a while and the person you are introducing them to is someone you just met. Maybe you are introducing two people who you have known for a long time to one another. However you do this, remain separate from the emotion of it or the potential of a bond being made, and release any expectations. You are not in charge of their happiness, nor are you in charge or in control of the outcome of their relationship once formed.

Introducing people can be a gift to everyone involved. I was always taught that people were met to meet for a reason or a season. You could be the reason why someone need to meet someone else. Beyond that, it’s out of your hands.

Do your best and forget the rest. It isn’t fair of anyone to expect or ask for more than that (even yourself).

I have introduced people together who have become friends and I have been introduced by a friend of mine to a friend of theirs and ended up being better friends than they had been. It happens. See it all as a blessing and as divine order and don’t take anything personally.

You never know who you’ll meet and you never know the amazing and beautiful things that can happen simply by offering to introduce one person to another.

So go out there and network and introduce as much as your heart desires. There’s enough opportunities out there for us all, tenfold.

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