How to Mentally Prepare for the Holidays (in 5 Steps) - Whitney Danielle
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How to Mentally Prepare for the Holidays (in 5 Steps)

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Halloween is right around the corner. Then it will be Thanksgiving and then it will be Christmas and New Years. The holiday season is always a blur, and for many it is a stressful, anxiety ridden, expensive hot mess.

I want to help you change your perspective before you even put on your costume and go trick-or-treating.

Here are some things I want to remind you of as you go in to these next few months.

1. Everything is temporary: I realize you may be taking some PTO for the holidays, but ultimately, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just days.. one day each. For some, you just have to show up for a meal. So remember: even though you may be nervous about bringing your new lover around your folks for a meal where there is going to be plenty of wine, relax and take it all in stride.

2. Show gratitude first: Although there may be angst going in to the holidays, remember to smile and put your best foot forward FIRST, because it looks and feels better. Showing gratitude sets you up to win and sets you up to energetically feel less like crap when shit does hit the fan (which it probably won’t).

3. Be Honest: Be honest with not only yourself, but with others. I’m not saying that you should tell your Step-Mom that her mashed potatoes were just okay this year when she asks, but to not let things get to a point where you are stressed or upset, unnecessarily. You are in control of yourself, your reactions and your feelings. If someone is crossing the line, let them know. If it’s too soon to talk about your most recent breakup with your nosey aunt, say something. Do not let other people take the wheel of your emotions and drive you into a ditch.

4. Energetically Boost yourself: use some essential oils or your favorite lotion or perfume to boost your mood. Wear a really special dress to that work dinner party you aren’t really in the mood to go to and do your best to continually boost yourself so you feel really good.
Fun tip: Do a meditation or some deep breathing exercises before going in to large groups. Remember to breathe, focus and relax. You will be fine. Saying some affirmations might help as well.

5. Embrace the Awkward/Crazy: I know not having a date to a company party can feel awkward in a room full of married couples. I also know you have some dresses and high heels or even jewelry in your closet that you haven’t worn ALL year that you should probably pull out. Wear it. The time is now. When you are feeling low, YOU can bring yourself back up. Rock the hell out of those heels and get a matching clutch and go to that dinner party. I know someone in your family is probably going to ask you some annoying and pervasive questions. Embrace it. Figure out a way to respond in a way that makes you laugh and that changes the topic if you don’t want to discuss it. “Still single, Claire?” “Still no children, Felicia?” Respond with “Yeah, but I am dating internationally now, so I’ll keep you posted.” Or “Nope, no kids. But have you seen Pam’s kids? Tyler is cute as a button. I love seeing them and then going home to my white furniture.” Do what you have to do ladies. Diffuse the situation before it even gets to an uncomfortable level. That annoying uncle is not “making you” feel like a crazy, single, cat lady. You are choosing to see it that way and so in turn, that’s how you will experience it. See the good. Maybe your uncle just wants to see you happy and he thinks that a man and children will totally do that for you. Tell your uncle what really makes you happy, or shift the conversation to him and learn more about what he’s up to. People typically love to talk about themselves.

For more tips and tricks, check out my YouTube channel- a new video will be posted every Thursday!

Have an amazing holiday season- I know you will.
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