How to Navigate Speed Bumps [in Life]

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been on this emotional rollercoaster called life and have been doing your best just to keep from crashing into a wall or ruining something important.

This shit is hard.

But how do we navigate speed bumps, distractions, sharp turns and delays that is life and not get drive ourselves into a ditch we can’t get out of?

In my experience, life is like driving a car with foggy Ray Bans on. You set yourself up to win with the proper protection and stylish fashion accessories, but you simply cannot control every little thing on your journey.

Sometimes your glasses fog up, sometimes you accidentally sit on them. Sometimes you think it’s your glasses but it’s actually your vision/perspective/focus. Sometimes it’s not even your glasses it’s the windshield of the car. Or the weather.

I say all of that to say we have to be mindful and aware of the hurdles and speed bumps that show up in our way on our path through life.

If we are mindful and aware, we can typically deal with and navigate the speed bumps better.

Very recently, I had some speed bumps come up and they didn’t necessarily slow me down but they did delay me in getting towards my goals.

Here’s the deal though: Just like when someone wrecks on the freeway or you do accidentally sit on your Ray Bans, if you are headed in the right direction, you are STILL going to get to your destination.

If you keep going, keep driving, keep pushing forward, regardless of the speed bump, delay, traffic or hurdle- you WILL get to your destination.

Your destination may not be final, it may only be a pit stop or an errand on the way home, but you are still moving in the right direction towards your goal. And what I advise you NOT to do is get so distracted or discouraged that you STOP THE CAR and STOP MOVING.

Do Not Do This.

Keep going.

It’s just a little traffic and we all experience it at some point and time. No one is going to judge you for the level of traffic or the severity of it, they’re going to be more concerned about whether you get to your destination or not.

We don’t care what people think- do we? I mean maybe our Moms or BFFs, because they actually care about our delays and speed bumps and our journey in general. Our allies and supporters want to cheer us on and they want us to arrive at our destinations in good health.

We cannot beat ourselves up about speed bumps or delays in life.
We cannot be too hard on ourselves or let negativity or perceived negativity stunt our growth.
We cannot care so much about what other people think about our speed bumps or life journey that we freeze and stop moving altogether.
We simply cannot.

We must keep pushing and we must keep our heads held high.
If we beat ourselves up for being sad about a breakup or being mad at not getting a promotion at work then we are not doing what’s best for our health and we are literally sitting ON the speed bump and making ourselves comfortable.

Not cool.

You do not want to catch yourself sitting ON a speed bump in life telling anyone who will listen or anyone who walks by about your issues or about how full of shit your __ __ _ _ is. You have to keep going.

I could write a whole post on how unsexy beating yourself up is- especially over some BS. But I’ll save that for another day.

Today I want you to have the faith, confidence and clear vision and fortitude to keep moving forward- regardless of how far you trip (pun intended).

Remember that when (not IF) you get stuck or delayed, that it’s part of the process and sometimes delays are AMAZING because they give us time to pick a new path or find a better route.

How many times have you had an issue and when it forced you to stop and pause you realized there was another way to solve the issue and you were shocked you hadn’t seen it before?

How many times have you been stuck in traffic and your GPS re-routed you another way and you learned about a backroad or a scenic route you wouldn’t have found otherwise?

How many times has life said HELL NO to something (and you got upset) and then shortly thereafter you’re presented with something much better?

Remind yourself of these moments when you’re stuck and remind yourself that you’ve gotten through the madness and foggy Ray Bans before and you can absolutely do it again.

On this journey- I wish you the very best of luck.

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I’ve got you.


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