How to Never Feel Awkward at a Networking Event - Whitney Danielle
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How to Never Feel Awkward at a Networking Event

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Being awkward is one of the biggest things I hear from people when it comes to taking chances and meeting new people.
Nervousness around what to say and what to do can stifle so many people from making so many amazing decisions.
The first thing I like to tell people who feel awkward going to events or being themselves at events is to take a minute (or an hour or a month) and really start to own whatever it is that makes you feel awkward.
Maybe you get sweaty palms or you forget things immediately under pressure, maybe you can never pronounce people’s names or understand people who talk too fast or with accents.
Maybe you feel like you don’t fit in or that you aren’t as successful (or whatever) as the people on the room with you.
Whatever it may be, I invite you to own it and to let it go. Be cool with the fact that your brain turns to mush when you shake someone’s hand. Be okay with your hands being clammy when you shake hands with people who are really successful. So what? Most people forget random stuff like that and frankly don’t even care.
There are so many people at networking events who are not paying attention to the little things that seem big to you, you’d be surprised.
Most people at events are worried about what other people are thinking of them, what they’re going to do for dinner, who’s going to win the game tonight and if they lost their coat-check receipt. No one really cares about the things that you’re stuck on, so try to stay super stuck on the things that no one cares about.
What people do care about is what you have to offer.
Which brings me to my next point: focus on your strengths.
If you know you can help people with xyz, then say that. Promote that. Talk about that. Focus on that. That is what matters and that is why you left your house or job today to meet some new people.
Let everything else fall to the wayside.
Yes, this may take practice. Yes, it is worth practicing.
Lastly, I think it should be noted that no one is perfect and that a positive mindset going in to these events is your best bet.
If you go in to the networking events with the assumption that you are going to win, you are not going to be “too awkward” and you are going to meet your goal (whatever that goal may be), you are already winning at this.
If you go in to the networking event ready to handle business no matter what the little evil voice in your head tells you about yourself, then you are already winning at this.
Do not forget who you are and what you are out here trying to accomplish.
Remind yourself of your dreams, your aspirations and your goals.
Remind yourself that you are unique and even though you have a, b or c flaw, you still bring it like no one else can when it comes to ____.
Constantly replace the thoughts of negativity in your head that flow in with better thoughts that actually make you feel good about yourself.
If anything, distract yourself from the negativity for a bit until you can get ahold of yourself and refocus your mind on the positive aspects of yourself, your business or your visions.
This has worked for me a lot and it has done wonders for my business, my network and my confidence levels.
If you feel that you are an outstandingly awkward person and cannot seem to get around the roadblocks of your awkwardness, I encourage you to hit me up.
I can help you maneuver around the roadblocks and focus on your strengths in a way that will work for your end goals and your overall mission.
You are not in this alone and I promise you are going to AMAZING things in this world.
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