How to Prepare for Your 1st Meetup Event - Whitney Danielle
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How to Prepare for Your 1st Meetup Event

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Congratulations for making the commitment to attend a Meetup event. It wasn’t super hard, right?

Now that you’ve hit the YES button, what do you do next? Do you have to prepare or get ready somehow? How do you even know that?

Fear not, my friend. You’ve come to the right blog.

For some events, preparation could be purchasing a ticket and confirming the venue location, time and attire. Or, it could be getting or bringing food, drinks or equipment.

The first thing to do when confirming that you are going to go to an event is to read the description of the event thoroughly. Make sure that the details are listed. Some events do not list the location of the event until a ticket has been purchased or unless you are a member of that group.

Make sure that if there is additional information about the event coming your way that you receive it and you receive it in time.

Also make sure that you are in contact with the event host. This can be found on the Meetup event itself.

For every Meetup event, there is a discussion section where you can ask about parking, tickets, cancellations, attendance or anything else. Use this as a place to drop questions or to get more details as it is a quick way to engage with the event host and the other people who have said YES to attending the event.

For those of you who are more nervous than anything else, remember to breathe and to smile. Appear as friendly as you possibly can so you don’t look unapproachable when you want to be approached, and be confident.

Don’t worry if there isn’t a ton of people who end up going to the event. Don’t worry if you have never been to that part of town and you think you might get lost and be late. Don’t worry that you don’t have a fancy business card or suit to wear to the business professional event.

Just go.
Don’t worry, just go.

I’ll be with you in spirit cheerleading you on. Just don’t talk to me while you’re at the event because I won’t be able to hear you and people might think you’re lost.

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