How to start making time to let your hair down and have some FUN - Whitney Danielle
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How to start making time to let your hair down and have some FUN

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Wherever you’re at in life- chasing paper or chasing a dream, I need you to make sure that you are carving out time to have a little fun.

No one wants to be around someone who is so tightly wound they don’t even laugh at funny jokes anymore.

And no one wants to see you spiral out of control because all you do and all you think about is work and it makes you a tired, irritable crabby patty.

You have to make time to have fun and let your hair down a little- you simply must.

For me, creativity & inspiration visit me more often when I’ve allowed myself time to breathe, turn up, or relax a bit with my friends or family.

The thing is: when it comes to success- it behooves each and every one of us to have fun every now and again. It makes life better, it helps with avoiding burn out, and it makes you a fun-loving human being.

I realize for a lot of us as kids were taught to focus on our grades and on our school assignments and we could have fun ONLY when/IF we got our work done or when those grades came around to prove that our efforts were indeed “good enough”.

The issue with this mindset as adults is that the report card is never really coming- and if it does (maybe you get a promotion or you sign 3 new clients or you increase your numbers), there will be another goal or challenge immediately following it.

The problem with being ambitious and driven is that we’re usually always ambitious and driven (to the point of exhaustion).

We rarely stop or pause- and sometimes it’s because we fear we’ll lose momentum, and sometimes it’s because we love the adrenaline rush from pursuing things that somewhere inside of us we’re not sure if we can accomplish or that someone told us we couldn’t achieve.

We hear all the time about parents scheduling in date night or groups of women planning girls’ trips.

We hear this because it’s important for these things to be planned, in a calendar, so that we can ensure they happen.

Marie Forelo always says “if it’s not scheduled, it’s not happening” and I truly believe that.

It’s time to start scheduling some fun into your life.

Text or call your girlfriends and ask who wants to go out for some drinks or to go see the latest Taraji P. Henson movie.

Post something on Facebook asking who wants to go on a trip or who wants to celebrate something.

Believe me: there is always something to celebrate.

Start celebrating your wins, your friends’ wins, your milestones and your work successes.

Carve out a few hours a week to watch a movie on Netflix or to hit up a happy hour or networking event.

For those of you saying “girl, I have a deadline. Ain’t nobody got time to let their hair down right now.”- start bundling things together.

When you have to attend a work conference or a retirement party or something where your presence is not optional but that you would typically go to, show face, give the gift or shake hands and roll out- enjoy the event for a little while.

Have that glass of wine or that piece of cake. Shake your groove thang at the club for your best friends’ birthday party on a Saturday night instead of showing up for 5 minutes and rushing home to get into bed to keep working.

Make better use of your time by batching projects and turning work sessions into co-working sessions with fellow entrepreneurs or people in your industry.

Invite people to meet you for coffee or to run errands with you if you want to catch up and also get stuff done. You’ll be surprised how many people will agree to do this- I guarantee it.

I think the more intentional you become about trying to make time for fun, the more time you’ll find for having fun.

I also believe the more of an effort you make to have a good time and to be social, the more opportunities you’ll find to have fun and have time to let your hair down.

What’s also important to remember is that you everyone’s version of letting their hair down is different and the best part is you get to experiment and rotate things around as you so choose.

If Netflic & chill is your version of letting loose- do that shit.

If getting some of your girls together to shake your ass is your version of letting your hair down- do that shit.

If planning a staycation or a vacation abroad is your way ot letting loose a bit- plan that shit.

Tune in to yourself and find out what it is that you want to do right now or that’s going to fuel your soul.

Because let’s be honest, y’all- letting your hair down and the urge to do so doesn’t come from a need to check a box or to be “perfect” and well-rounded.

Letting your hair down and letting loose is about giving your mind, body and soul an opportunity to chill tf out and turn off your working brain for a second.

It’s not about being perfectly balanced or guilting yourself into showing up for yoruself or for your friends more often. It’s really not.

Whatever you decide to do to let go and let loose- do it with your WHOLE ass… do not half ass it.

Whatever you decide to do- make sure you don’t beat yourself up during or afterwards for not working and not pushing towards your goals. You need to take time to stop.

If you feel like there simply is no time for having fun or going out or turning up with your girls- let me know.

I’m here for ya and I hope to see you on the ‘gram stuntin’ on these hoes lol.

Cheers to us,

Whitney Danielle