How to Stay on the Social Scene (even when busy or traveling)

Traveling keeps me busy, but I’m a social gal. So what gives?

I’m going to keep it real simple for you all and make sure you know how I really do things and keep social on a very regular basis.

The first thing I like to do when traveling or approaching a busy week is look for opportunities to do something fun or outside of the work/meetings/whatever I am doing during the day.

If I am going somewhere, I check happenings a few different places before and after I reach: I check with friends I know who live in that city, I check Facebook events happening while I’m there, and I check Eventbrite and Meetup.


Hack solved.

Jk- there’s more.

Ok, so it’s easy and takes less than 20 minutes (including a couple distractions) to find the events, but what happens now that you’ve found them?

Schedule them!


Pick the ones that you know without a doubt that you’re down to attend, that you can afford, and that time will permit.

Do not overbook yourself, pay for tickets to something SUPER expensive when you know you shouldn’t, or do something just for shit’s sake. Only do what works for you and your current situation.

Now that you’ve scheduled it and RSVP’d, GO TO THE EVENT.

I know you’re busy and you have other things to do, but I’ve made it a habit to only RSVP for things I know I want to and will be able to go to.

I do not willy-nilly RSVP and say I am “GOING” to a Facebook event and then don’t show.
I do not willy-nilly RSVP for a Meetup event and then stay home or in my hotel room.
And I do not willy-nilly tell a friend I am down for dinner or drinks and leave them out to dry.

Make rules and set parameters with your schedule and dignity.

Sometimes I travel somewhere and I end up more jetlagged than I thought I would be and my schedule goes out to the window.
Sometimes I travel somewhere and all I want to do is take a bath in their beautiful bathtub and listen to Tony Robbins.
Sometimes I’m so busy and meetings run long or the client I’m dealing with needs extra help and TLC.
Sometimes I have a shitty flight or a weird layover and all I want to do is not a damn thing when I arrive at my destination.
Sometimes I want to catch up on my shows and sit at home with my sisters instead of meeting up with old high school friends.

Shit happens.

I get it. Seriously, I do.

Regardless of the shit going on in your life, I highly recommend keeping your word in all parts of life- especially around your whereabouts.

Being social is extremely important- even most introverts know and respect this.

It’s about who you know, not what you know.

We all need to ‘Get Out There More’ and meet the right group of friends or business partners or lovers.

The thing is we have to see being social as an act of SELF-CARE.
We have to see our going out and being social as a step in the right direction towards our biggest wants, desires and goals.

We can’t say we want more friends, or better dates, or more entrepreneur friends if we aren’t showing up in the same places as they are.

The world is a big ass place and being able to live life knowing you showed up and got dressed, even when you sometimes don’t want to or don’t feel like it (but you RSVP’d or know you should), it’s worth it. Why? Because you’re worth it.

Yes, I realize being social isn’t always about our self-worth or showing up for ourselves.

I also know that doing too much of anything, and especially the SAME thing can be bad for your health.

If what you are doing is not working for you- try, try something else.

If sitting at home in front of the TV watching Power with a glass of Malbec isn’t getting you better dates or friends who like to go salsa on Tuesdays- then maybe you should try some things that work.

To be honest- it’s always the times when I know I need to go or do something but may not feel like it in that moment that give me the best results.

Just last month there was a brunch happening in Uptown and I was tired and dealing with some personal issues and was hungry, but not enough for food to will me out of my apartment.

I was dragging and I was very close to not going.

But- I had already been in contact with the host of the event and told her I was coming and really wanted to meet some new folks in my area.

So what did I do?

Did I sit home and pout about my drama and miss out? Or did I put my sexy big girl panties on and strolled on over to a beautiful brunch cocktail?

Yup, the second one.


I mean it’s obvious… I like breakfast cocktails and I clearly needed a drink.

But on a serious, more reflective note- I needed to be around people who were energized and talkative and friendly. I needed to build my group of Dallas friends and I also needed to eat a good meal and keep my word to the host.

Sometimes we have to fight the urge to stay at home and be alone and comfortable.

Even the most social people need breaks and time alone.

And we all get busy sometimes too.

But like I told a friend who was refocusing their goals and time: if you say you want something, your life and weekly schedule should reflect that.

Just like we make time for the gym even though we’d rather be watching Power, we show up because we want that hot bod.

I know we’re all usually busy during the week and on the weekend but if we wanna look cute we make time to get our hair and nails done. Am I right?

I know some of us are busy traveling but Wonder Woman recently came out and I saw a lot of people in a lot of different places with plenty of time to to go see it (and then plaster their opinion all over the internet about it)…

Time is important, work is important- but so are you.
Invest your time wisely as it is a very precious and fleeting commodity that we are NOT guaranteed day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

Now go get to planning something social. **If you need help with this- e-mail me at RIGHT NOW so I can hook you up. It’ll take 2mins and I promise is better than doing nothing at all.

Remember: The world is your oyster!