How to Go From a Greeting to a Meeting

You’re at a networking event and you really want to keep in touch with this person. Maybe you didn’t have enough time with them at the venue or you were just getting to the good part of your story and someone interrupted your conversation and you didn’t get to tell them about how you can help them with your amazing product or service.

How do you take that greeting and turn it into a meeting? How do you take something from point A and go successfully to point B? How do you win at networking and don’t drop the ball when it comes to following through and being a boss?

Here’s the secret- there’s no need to wait for this one.

If you meet someone amazing or someone who you can help or just want to keep in touch with- get their information and save it. Right then. Right there.

Take out your phone or a notebook and write down their information. Schedule a meeting in your calendar with them or schedule a time to talk to them later on. Make the move in that moment. Don’t wait.

If you’re like me, you’ll forget and it may not happen. If you’re like me, you’ll have the best intention and you might remember for a few days or hours and then completely forget and it never ever happens.

How many lost opportunities came from that?

How many people have you met who you know would have been great friends, associates or clients?

Let’s agree to stop doing this right here and right now. Let’s agree to follow through faster. Sooner than later.

I promise if you start asking people to get on their calendar or if you can schedule something and follow up with them to talk more about xyz topic later, you will have stronger relationships and conversion rates of people you meet vs people you know.

If you ask to keep the conversation going and take the initiative to actually do that, it will impress and people will respect it.

It isn’t creepy and it isn’t too forward to ask people to connect more later. Maybe you want to give them space at the event or maybe you want to check out their pics on Instagram or maybe you met them on the way out of the event.

If you don’t make it weird or “too much” it usually won’t come off that way. Just be yourself and be honest and show real, genuine interest.

Make sure they know your intentions and you explain to them how you enjoyed talking to them and would love to catch up again later for whatever reason.

You will not want to have a meeting with everyone you introduce yourself to, just like you don’t always want to go on a second date with everyone you’re dating.

You don’t need a million calls or lunch dates in your phone to be successful or to be well-received. It isn’t a numbers game, remember it is always about quality connections, not quantity.

Do not wip out your phone everytime you meet someone and try to get their digits or e-mail. Don’t pressure people to give you their number or e-mail address or Facebook info to link up with them later.

Make sure it’s mutual and purposeful.

Make sure you plan on following up and following through.

Make sure you’re being yourself and you’re remembering your goals at this event.

If you need a push to do this, maybe you can start making a goal and setting an intention to make 2 or 3 solid connections every week or every time you go to an event. Set that goal and work towards it. It will help you look for and attract amazing connections with people.

With a little practice, I am confident that you will start to greeting people and soon after start meeting with them again and it will get easier and better each time you do it.

Take a chance and offer your time. Thank those who choose to reciprocate the exchange in time and always be graceful.

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