Join My 30 Lifestyle Hacks Challenge

Okay, so if you didn’t already know, I’ve created this epic list of 30 of my FAVORITE Lifestyle Hacks ever and it’s free to download, right now HERE.

When I work with my clients I talk with them about 6 particular pillars of life: Business, Fitness, Diet, Relationships, Spirituality and Self-Care (and it is SO much fun).

We go over each area every single time we talk  on the phone and we then go over the goals and progress from the week before and also get ready for the week coming up.

A lot of people have showed interest in these 6 pillars and I wanted to give away something special that showcases my favorite go-to hacks and tips that I give my clients and whomever else I meet in my travels who needs immediate help.

Each of these hacks are tried and true by me, myself and I and I have researched many of them, read books or consulted with professionals about them.

I would love for you to download and follow along as I spend a few minutes each day in June on Facebook to go over each hack specifically and WHY I love it and HOW it made it to this exclusive list.

My Facebook info is here.

I would love to see you join me whenever you can hop on and as always, feel free to watch the replays and share with your friends or anyone who you think could use some of the tips and hacks I’m giving. #sharingiscaring

*Disclaimer*: Some of the hacks you may have questions on or want more information on. In an effort to keep the document helpful, succinct and to the point, I could not put all of the information I have on each area.

Feel free to ping me on Facebook, Instagram or via my email: and ask away. I will do my best to provide any information and links/resources I can.

If you feel like you’re the kind of person who thinks these are all wonderful, lovely and nice looking hacks but KNOWS for a fact that you won’t act on them without someone to hold you accountable- Hit. Me. Up. (I mean… it’s what I do.)

Accountability is really 1/2 of the battle. The other half is knowing what the hell you want to begin with.

Having a plan or strategy is important as well and I specialize in problem solving- so I’m not selling anything here, just informing ya. I would be remiss and wasting everyone’s time if I did not offer assistance as I sit here and dish out all my favorite tips and tricks.

Part of the FUN of hacking is sharing the wealth of knowledge around whatever topic it is that you’re dealing with.

So- like my page on Facebook and turn your Notifications: ON and I’ll see you soon.


Whitney Danielle