Leaning on Your Network During Times of Despair - Whitney Danielle
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Leaning on Your Network During Times of Despair

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I hate watching the news. I hate watching the news so much I don’t do it unless I’m at an airport or in a waiting room and it just so happens to be on.

Right now, the entire world is a mess and the news has it all on video. It feels kind of like that one time you were out partying and got blackout drunk and your bestie got it all on Snapchat… but instead of the videos going away after 24hrs they’re on replay and have managed to go viral.

Many of us don’t want to go out and do much of anything- even fun stuff, when there seems to be danger and/or drama on and around every corner.

So what do we do?

Do we sit at home and recoil?
Do we lay in bed and hide from our cell phones and TVs?

What do we do?

I say this is as good a time as ANY to lean on our networks. To pick up the phone and call someone- or, to be of service and show up for someone around you in need.

When you feel like shit- why not help someone else feel better? It typically rubs off on you AND it counts as good juju.

When you feel like hiding- hit someone up on social media who maybe could use a drink or some sexy salsa dancing and ask them if they’re down for a couple of hours out on the town. Use them as an excuse as to why you should probably leave your house today. This is the good kind of projecting.

Literally right now is the time to lean on one another so we don’t get sucked into the crazy. Into the madness that is inevitable when we deal with too much ridiculousness and bullshit.

When we are surrounded by turmoil and despair- when we are anxious and our bodies are stressed and tired from the push and pull of everyday life PLUS the politics and stigmas of just being who we are as a person- it’s time to make moves.

This is more of a PSA than a pep-talk but I hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down here: DO. NOT. STOP.

Don’t stop a damn thing.

Keep going. Keep trusting. Keep winning. Keep TRYING.

Trying to make your life better, trying to uplevel your career, trying to make the world a better place in case you meet Prince Charming and you want to raise kids together. Just keep trying.

If we all sit at home and do nothing when shit hits the fan, it’s only going to get worse or stay the same- which can often feel like the exact same thing.

If we mope and complain and hope our problems away, we can’t truly expect a ton of positivity to come from that either.

We must stay in action.

If there is something you want to change- get involved. Maybe that means calling your congresswoman, maybe that means calling your sister, maybe that means going to the gym. You know what you need to do- and if you don’t, you have access to resources who do.

So yes, I am telling you not to get discouraged- but I’m also telling you to lean on your network of friends and family. Even virtual friends or those with 4 legs can be of service to you when things are rough and you’re feeling like crap.

Go through your phone and text people and remember to ASK for what you need and ASK how you can help them.

Put yourself in a position to get help when you need it, to get support when it’s necessary and to learn to lean on and trust those around you.

And also remember to put yourself in a position to make your relationships a two-way street.
Some people are too prideful to ask for help so read between the lines and look for ways you can help someone else. (And if you’re reading this and realizing YOU are that prideful person, practice letting your guard down at your own pace and being open to those who care about you.)

You are not in this alone- no one has to be- and there is NO reason why you should feel that way- even when it feels like the world is constantly crumbling before your very own eyes.

We are here on this planet to do great things and it is always better when we have someone beside us to help us get there.

It’s always faster to stop and ask for directions when you’re lost or scared and can’t find your way- so stop and ask.

It’s okay to be vulnerable and be the first to start a hard conversation. It will be worth it in the end.

Remember that you’ve got this and your network’s got you- even if you don’t even know who they are yet.

Maybe you’re new to a city or to a job and you’re trying to figure out who to trust and who you can lean on.

You won’t know until you start trying- until you start leaning and experimenting. It takes time.

You’ve got this.

Sending lots of love your way.

Whitney Danielle