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Mastermind Group

Have you been yearning for a seat a the table with some amazingly talented, intelligent and ambitious women... But you feel like your invitation got lost in the mail somehow?

...Well you’ve come to the right place. Let’s connect.

You need an EPIC community of independent business women because:

  • Most of your friends are kinda tired of hearing you talk about your ‘crazy pie in the sky ideas’ and your super bougie vision board goals
  • The rest of your friends are at different places in life than you are right now- procreating, marital bliss/drama, partying it up every weekend like it’s 1999
  • You want support on off days and cheerleading on good days by people who actually get it
  • You’re moving the needle at what feels like a snails pace trying to do all of the things by yourself 
  • You want to have people to bounce ideas off of or help you make some minor or major decisions in your career or business
  • Deep down you know you can’t do this sh*t alone and even if you could- it wouldn’t be as much fun

Now let’s be honest, shall we?

  • The world will have you thinking that women, particularly, Black women, don’t get along- love to fight & argue and are always in competition with each other. They’ll tell you we don’t support each other, that we’re catty and that we’re the ipitome of standoffish and unapproachable. Hell, I’m sure someone has called you “intimidating” or that they thought you didn’t like them when they first met you. ((eyeroll))
  • Oh, and let’s not even begin to talk about entrepreneurship for women of color online and on social media. There are very few collaborations & partnerships amongst peers- unless you’re maybe in the makeup industry? Most of the conferences and big entrepreneur events involve 0-1 people of color on the speakers list… ((heavy sigh)) and there are handful of conferences that cater to the development and collaboration of Black business women compared to the hundreds for everyone else. So where can we really go to become the best versions of ourselves?

Picture This:
Collaboration. Connecting with women who literally blow your mind.

You’re surrounded by + supported by the most amazing, talented & ambitious women on the planet who completely understand, adore and respect you for what you bring the to the table. Oh, and the best part: you’re at the table. OUR table. And your invitation didn’t get lost. And there’s a nameplate at the seat that was chosen just for you.

You’ve found your people. Your tribe. Your community. Your day ones.

You get good news: you have someone to call. You get bad news: you have someone who listens. You’re connected. Well-connected. & you’re thriving.

Sound like what you’ve been missing for a while (or always). Welcome.

This Quarterly Mastermind Group is a top-notch, hella-exclusive coaching collective/cohort designed specifically for Black women who crave connection, community and the type of up-level only other qualified Black women are capable of providing. This group is run & organized by a corporate + entrepreneur, networking expert badass who is hand-selecting 12 phenomenal women for an intimate, “sistah”-circle type mastermind experience.

The Mastermind Includes

  1. Mastermind: Group Mastermind Calls 2x/mo
  2. Group Coaching: Coaching Calls w/ Whitney 2x/mo
  3. Accountability: Your goals are documented + tracked 
  4. Access: To the best people + best tools out there right now
  5. Networking: Obvi… Let’s just say you’ll be connected af
  6. Accountability: Your goals are documented + tracked

This Mastermind Group is absolutely NOT for you:

If jealousy is your alter ego and petty is your alter ego’s alter ego

If you’ve never done any personal development work and believe you have it all figured out already and are #killingit it in every aspect of your life

If you want to stay alone, quiet and exactly where you are

This Mastermind Group is absolutely for you:

If you’re in a corporate position or have a business of your own and have some bigger, more expensive goals for your life & career than your peers or current social circle

If you’re ready to get vulnerable with yourself and with people who support & care about you

If you want results.

The seat at the table is yours. Are you ready to level up?

Enrollment begins June 2020