My Holiday Work/Life Balance A-ha Moment - Whitney Danielle
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My Holiday Work/Life Balance A-ha Moment

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Our family loves watching holiday movies on the Lifetime Movie network or Hallmark Channel.

It’s become a strange, addictive habit that we indulge in every year- the DVR gets filled with one holiday movie after another and we watch them together and laugh and cry at the amazing stories we see.

It’s fun to bond with the girls in my family! Over this past weekend, I was doing just that on Sunday evening with my mom.

We were watching one of the many recorded Christmas movies I had scheduled that previous week and eating cupcakes from our favorite DC bakery, Baked & Wired.

Here’s the deal though: I had a deadline to get some social media planning finished by the end of the evening so I could run to the store with my sister to pick up some things for my trip in the morning.

Yesterday I was supposed to have gotten some other things done, but hadn’t felt well due to a ridiculous migraine that refused to go away.

Nevertheless, Sunday was here and I had things to do and I needed them done with no excuses, by the end of the night.

As we are watching the movie, I realize that it is taking me quite a long time to make moves on my tasks as it usually does when I am sitting at a café, minding my own business, focused and caffeinated.

I look over at my Mom, chuckle and remark “Geez, this is taking me way longer to get done than it usually does..”

She says “Well, it’s because you are watching the movie AND trying to get work done…”.

I tell her that if I just watched the movie, and then did my work, I would be thinking about doing work throughout the entire movie and would feel quite guilty and stressed out about it.

And if I did the work first, and watched the movie afterwards, my Mom would be asleep and I wouldn’t see her until the next time I was back in town.

I was doing my best in the moment.

Here’s the aha moment, though: I need to plan better for the holidays so I have way better work/life balance and flow.

I need to make sure I am doing my best to get as much work done as early as possible for this month so that I may thoroughly and fully enjoy the time I have with my family and friends.

Here’s the deal- Christmas is coming and I am going to want to go and do and hang out and be with my friends and I cannot do that to the best of my ability if I am worried about my next deadline or e-mailing a client or recording a vlog post.

It just isn’t going to work.

FOMO is a real thing.

I need to plan.
I need to prepare.
I need to organize and I need to prioritize.

I share this story with you because the realization came to me as a reality check- this is not like any other time of the year where I can skate my way through work and obligations I have while traveling around the world.

The holiday season means I need to be more present with my family and friends and working towards relaxing and enjoying the time we have together to the best of my ability.

“How can I do that?”, you might ask?

By getting my shit together.

By writing myself to-do lists; by figuring out the biggest elephants in the room and tackling them first.

It means using the down time I have no as things start to slow down with work, to plan and prep for the remaining weeks of this year.
Use your time wisely, folks.

It will help immensely with your work/life balance paradigm and hopefully give you way more time and energy to devote to drinking WAY too much egg nog or beating someone in an intense game of Pictionary, or even watching a super cheesy Hallmark romantic holiday movie with your Mom and the cat.