One on One - Whitney Danielle

Work 1 on 1 with Whitney Danielle

Imagine This…

Your business is thriving. You’re actually living the life on your vision board. You’re hitting your goals left and right without all the back and forth internal drama. You’re not just talking about or dreaming about your goals, you’re smashing them and when you fall, you’re not alone.

You finally have that clear vision and you’re confidently on your way.

This is called Active Accountability & Sustained Support.

Here’s How You Know You’re Ready for Accountability & Support

  • You’ve been learning all the things and buying all the things, but you’re not necessarily moving the needle towards hitting your business/career goals
  • You’re tired of seeing other people hit their goals seemingly effortlessly while you struggle day in and day out to get things done
  • You know you’re motivated & driven, you just need a little (or a big) push sometimes in the right direction
  • Your peers aren’t in the places you’re trying to go and don’t understand where you are now- so when you ask for support or accountability you don’t really get what you need
  • You’re sick of not being where you want to be in life and feel like the time is absolutely NOW to start moving towards your biggest and most epic goals

Allow me to introduce myself real quick:

I started my entrepreneur journey back in 2015 completely by accident and ended up launching a coaching business by the end of the year. I bought ALL of the things- and continued to do this for YEARS. Coaching programs, group programs, online courses on every social media platform, webinars and workshops, in-person conferences, I swear I’ve bought it all.

But I was making $0.00 in my business.

I finally found a coach who was able to get me out of my head and around my excuses and into some money and I landed my first coaching client by complete surprise and sheer determination. It was the first time I had ever made most of my money back within a few weeks of hiring someone. Hell, most of the programs and stuff I bought I never made my money back- but eventually I did- and the game was changed.

Fast-forward a few years, I’m working on my own and realize I really am working on my own. No coach, no assistance in my business, no nothing- I was living the solopreneur life still out here chasing the shiney objects every online marketer was throwing at me… and I was back to making $0.00 with 0 clients.

But then I got laid off and ran out of ca$h and ideas

It was then I knew I couldn’t do this shit alone and it was never going to work if I sat at home, by myself, physically dragging myself out of bed every morning to work on 8,000 different things and getting nowhere. I refused to go back to working for some big corporate company where I was just a number doing work that used .02 of my talents and having a ridiculously long commute. Enough was enough…

Here’s what I’ve been able to create for myself:

  • I’ve hired a Virtual Assistant, a Web Designer, and a marketing expert so I now have a TEAM of people to help me hit my goals
  • I found clarity in my business with the help of a brand and strategy coach
  • I finished ALL of the programs and online courses I bought and took extensive notes- no more not finishing what I started
  • I came up with a daily routine that works for me most days and that I stick to every single week
  • I have a better work/life balance where I can rest some days and work hard af others
  • I found a community that holds space for me, respects me and sees the innate value I bring to the table. They support me, lift me up when I’m down and celebrate my wins with me
  • A thriving, PROFITABLE business.

You can absolutely do this too.

Welcome to : 1 on 1 coaching w/ Whitney Danielle 

For three months you’ll work with me on Active Accountability & Sustainable Support. You get:

  • 7, 60 minute calls with me (2 per month + 1 bonus call for emergencies or when you have a bf and need extra support)
  • Unlimited access to me via email/Voxer or FB messenger (you choose how we communicate)
  • Shared access to Asana task tracking managers and Google Calendar for visibility & proper accountability
  • Personalized accountability trackers via Trello so we can get shit poppin’ each week
  • Personalized inspirational weekly meditations and affirmations (fire!!!)
  • A bomb ass vision board journal for your everyday use that we make together (so much fun)
  • Monthly challenges to get you excited about hitting your goals and staying the course
  • 50% off discount to my quarterly mastermind group with the most amazing women ever

I  believe in you & I want you to win.

One of the biggest things that kept me back in my business was thinking there was some sort of prize for perservering and doing it all by myself.

But there’s no prize… there’s no trophy… there’s no accolade or bonus you get for struggling on this journey alone.

Please note: I am absolutely not saying you aren’t capable of doing this alone- but I mean at this point, why would you? And honestly: why should you?

You deserve the best. You deserve to hit your goals. You deserve to have the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

The only one who’s stopping you is you.

Not shitting online marketers and over-flexing-online-instagram-influencers.

Not your Mom who has no idea what a side hustle is or your bff’s from college who think you’re doing too much.

You’re the only one who’s stopping you.

I’m a pusher: I push people. And I plan on pushing the hell out of you so that you get to where you’re going without all the back and forth, drama and distractions. 

We’re truly in this together… I’m ready if you are 🙂