Prep for the Spring 2019 Glow Up in 9 Easy Steps - Whitney Danielle
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Prep for the Spring 2019 Glow Up in 9 Easy Steps

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Idk about you, but I’m ready for Spring. Like, right now.

Here are my 9 steps that I am taking and that I am helping my clients go through to prep for whatever type of Spring 2019 Glow Up they’re trying to plan.

#1: Get serious. It’s time to put in some real werk, starting now. No excuses. No more procrastination. SPRING IS LITERALLY ON IT’S WAY. It takes time to get fabulous!

#2: Get clear about what you want to do & how you want to feel. Go back to your list of goals (if you don’t have this list, DM me immediately). Figure out which of the goals you are wanting to focus on and accomplish in the Spring or during Q2. Get clear. Make sure you deeply and truly want these things to happen for yourself.

#3: Start a Self-Care Routine ASAP. This could be a workout, this could be getting your makeup situation ready, your bedtime routine locked down so you’re better rested for your workouts… whatever self-care is to you, lock it in, lock it down and show up for yourself. You’re all you’ve got!

#4: Stop doing shit you don’t wanna do & start doing shit you do wanna to do. Boundaries, baby. Get some. And a sturdy backbone. People are going to ask you to do some wild or some boring stuff- you have every right to say no… or to say yes if you’re down. Be so busy doing you that you only have time to physically and emotionally entertain things that add VALUE.

#5: Find conferences/events/social stuff/happy hours to attend this Spring. I’m talking do some research. Find out when they are- schedule the event in your calendar. RSVP. Buy the ticket or start to budget for it. Best spots to find events and things to do:, and Facebook Events. Pick cool stuff and have a good time.

#6: Get your outfits ready.. Spring Clean… Physically prepare. Start cleaning out your closet and making room for the things you’ll need. Taking up yoga? Get some cute outfits or plan a trip to your local thrift shop to find some cool threads. Need a new pair of sexy heels? Now is the time to start budgeting for Spring clothes and to start slowly making way for the things you’ll need to do what you want to do in a few weeks.

#7: Hydrate. ‘Nuff said here…

#8: Find your crew, your tribe, your people. Start putting yourself in places where there will be people who have similar interests as you. Start going to the gym and finding those workout buddies. Start hitting up wineries and finding wine-o friends. Start finding people in Facebook groups who you share common interest(s) with. #networkbaby

#9: Hire an expert. Get a personal trainer if you need help working out. Hire a nutritionist or someone to meal-prep for you if you need to drop some winter weight. Get accountability on your goals (and hit me up) if you need help staying focused and on task. Yelp that dog walker or hair dresser. Find the people who can help you reach your dreams and goals that much faster.

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PS- this was a full podcast episode on my show Network & Spill if you want to hear more information about how to prep for Spring 2019 Glow Up.