What IS a Lifestyle Coach? - Whitney Danielle
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What IS a Lifestyle Coach?

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I get this question quite frequently. “Whitney, What IS a lifestyle coach? What do you do?”

When you think of the word “lifestyle” what do you think?

In the dictionary, it says : Lifestyle: the way in which a person or group lives, way of life.

Here’s the problem though: I have found that a lot people say they want to live a certain way or have x,y,z lifestyle, but then they don’t.

Maybe they don’t because they work too much, too many bills, or they procrastinate a lot… or maybe it’s because they don’t have anyone who actually holds them to their word.

Enter: me.

I help successful, smart, amazing business women live the lifestyle that they have envisioned in their mind that plays over and over again.

I help them find balance between work and play so that they can find the time to go out and date, be with friends (or make some new ones) and get things checked off of their bucket lists.

Accountability is so crucial in life. Things just seem to get done faster (and better) when you have someone calling/ harassing you about doing whatever it is you said you were going to do. Obviously, I don’t harass people for money though… unless you’re into that… lol.

To many of us, there’s nothing worse than being at brunch and telling your girls about how you want to go to Mexico to check out the cabana boy situation, and then look on Facebook months later of other people taking photos in Mexico (with cabana boys) and realizing that you forgot or didn’t have the time/money/resources.

I do not want this to be you or to continue to be you, and I’m sure you don’t either.

That is where I come in.

We work on setting your goals and figuring out what you’re really trying to be doing and HOW you really want to be living in the first place. Once we figure that out, we can take steps towards getting you there.

A few things I do as a lifestyle coach:

I help people boost confidence if that’s something you need in order to tell your current boss, bff, or your mother “NO” more often, so you have more time and energy for yourself.

I help people create strong, healthy boundaries and draw the line between free time, me time and work time.

I help people live a fuller, healthier life with all of my fancy schmanzy holistic health practices (many of which are hella easy to do, btw).

I help people stay consistent with their progress (“I’m a pusher”) and help them recoup when they hit speedbumps along the way.

Plus, I love working with people on networking and getting themselves “out there” in the world. Whatever that means for them.

I hope you catch my drift here on what I do and what a lifestyle coach is.

If you want to know what this could mean for you specifically (since we are all incredibly unique), hit me up at whitney@whitneydanielle.com or PM me on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram (@whitneydclife) or Facebook. You can also send me a courier owl. I love those.

Let me know how I can help you live the lifestyle of your dreams.
Be a pal and forward this to anyone who needs a reality check on what’s really possible for their lives.

Much love,