Why Follow Up Can Make or Break EVERYTHING

Follow up is to everything.

I repeat: Follow up is EVERYTHING.

In business and in life, if you are not following up, you are setting yourself up for failure.

This is an ongoing topic I hear people talking about because they are realizing that they aren’t getting the kind of results they want from people.

Maybe they went on a date and or out with some friends and never heard from the other folks again.
Maybe they went to a networking event and never got around to hitting up that barber or veterinarian like they said they would.
Maybe they haven’t heard from people who said that they would hit THEM up after an event or outing.

Regardless of the reasoning or the situation, it is always YOUR job to follow up with the people that you meet and want to stay connected to.

It is your job to remember to pick up the phone and call someone or to text or e-mail that amazing person you met randomly while you were out this past week.

If you want connections to stick, if you want relationships to grow- you must follow up.

I’ll be honest- when I have a business coach or professional I am looking to hire, I always look for them to follow up and if I don’t hear from them within a certain amount of time, I hit them up myself. If I still don’t get a response at that point, I am putting you in File 29 and am moving on for now.

Following people around is not the same as following up. Let’s be clear. It is one thing to message someone first when you haven’t heard from them, but it’s another thing to constantly hit someone up looking for a response that you think you should be getting back from them.

Pro Tip: If you say you’re going to do something- DO IT.

Do not be one of those California Flakes I met all of the time in Southern California who would initiate a conversation, propose an idea to do something and then flake out completely like the conversation never happened to begin with.

No one likes that.
It’s not sexy.

Figure out a way to follow up with people who you really want to follow up with.
And keep in mind that not everyone is going to be worthy of a follow-up call, text or e-mail.
AND, not everyone is going to message or call you back.

All we can do is keep our word and be true to ourselves, but please please please do not give people false hope or whisper sweet nothings at events you go to.

I remember when people don’t follow up with me when they said they would and my memory is pretty horrible.
I say that to say people remember weird stuff like “Hey- I’ll text you the name of my florist for your wedding.” or “OMG I have the BEST yoga studio you should try- let me introduce you to the owner at brunch next weekend.”

If you fail to keep your word it makes it look like you failed to care for someone besides yourself.
It also makes you look like a flake (flakes are not just geographically located in San Diego).

Look back at all of the times when someone DID follow up or keep in touch with you.
How did that look?
How did that feel?
What did they say or do?

I’ll bet it wasn’t hard or something super extra.

All they did was rang your phone or hit you with a text or e-mail and BOOM the magic happened.
The follow through came through and their word was kept.

When you become the master of your own fate and start taking real initiative to hit people up and follow-through with folks you meet and make promises to, your life will improve tenfold.

People will trust you more. People will look to you for things and remember you.
People will feel like you have more integrity and act-right and they don’t even know you for real!

It’s all about caring for other people and treating people how you would want to be treated.

If you meet someone and they tell you that they can hook you up with something amazing or that they will go with you someplace you’ve always wanted to go- how much of a disappointment is it going to be when they’re a no show or completely forget and pretend like you don’t exist?

It’s going to hurt.
It’s going to feel like a blow to the chest. (Maybe a bit dramatic, but you catch my drift- we’ve all been disappointed by someone who’s promised us something and not came through so roll with me here.)

Follow-through is amazing and it really does have the power to make or break relationships of any kind.

So please do it. Just pick up the phone- set a reminder, scroll through your messages every so often and see who you haven’t spoken to in a while and ring them up.

Follow-through isn’t always about hitting people up when there are promises or expectations involved.
Follow-through can literally be you thinking of someone and wanting to keep in touch and simply see how they’re doing.


I guarantee you if you hit people up regularly (FB & social media updates do not count) you will will have better, stronger and more fulfilling relationships than you do now.

I’m not going to argue this because I know it’s true.
Relationships do not flourish, just like plants or flowers, if not tended to regularly- even a succulent or cactus needs some love every so often (and I know we all have some prickly people in our lives).

Let me know if you’ve seen a difference when you start following up and following through with people in your phone and in your life.

How has your life, relationships and rapport with people changed for the better?

Accept the challenge. You deserve it.

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