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Have you been yearning for a seat at the table with some amazingly talented, intelligent and ambitious women… but feel like your invitation got lost in the mail somehow? ...Well you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s connect.

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Heyyy, I’m Whitney Danielle.


I’ve lived in 10 cities across the United States (so far) and have built solid personal & professional networks with incredible people for over 20 years


I’m an expert at networking and building connection from the ground up with anyone anywhere and love teaching people how to do this (I’ve got a whole podcast show dedicated to this)


I believe in order to be truly successful in life and business you need community, connection and a solid support system. We can’t do this alone. We’re in this together.

Let’s get really honest…

Being an entrepreneur is one of the craziest things we'll probably ever do.


The ups, the downs. The setbacks and the big wins. It's a wild a-- rollercoaster ride and a lot of us are struggling with the exact same things.

We need support. Emotional support, physical support, accountability, honest, transparency and a phenomenal network.


We're all busy, we're all doing our best and a lot of us are struggling behind the scenes of our side hustles and business endeavors.

Let's grow, learn and build together. Let's push past our limitations and start succeeding in ways we knew deep down were possible, but we weren't 100% sure we could attain.


Connection. Community. Collaboration.


We've got this! And we've got this TOGETHER.

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So many people don't know what they truly want and who they really are. Reflecting is a very important step in moving towards the life you really want to be living.

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No resources? No problem. Let's get you set up with all of the tools, information, people and plans you need to take your next leap of faith. Being lost & unprepared can be a thing of the past.

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Let's be honest- no one is really keeping you accountable in your life and it's one of the main reasons why we don't get where we want faster. It's time to change that.

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It’s time to get CONFIDENT af about your next big step in life…

Whether you're ready to change jobs, towns or friends. Let's uplevel together. The first coaching call is ALWAYS on me...