I work with my clients at pertinent times in their lives when they need that supportive co-pilot and cheerleader to help them navigate to the next destination on their life roadmap. Because no, you do NOT have to do this alone (& you don't have to burn out doing it either.

with personalized LIFE coaching 

supporting Driven + Focused women

Personal development is the new black. Let's get into our bag by formulating a plan to get us in motion while also working on ourselves from the inside out.

Swapping toxic hustle culture for balance and mindfulness. I'm not tryna burn out and I'm assuming you aren't either. So let's play as hard as we work, yeah?

Getting people back into motion. You've done big shit before, now it's time to do it again. We go from stuck & stagnant to movin' and groovin'. 

But, you feel scatterbrained, stagnant & disorganized! Annnd low-key like your peers might be leaving you in the dust...

Between comparing ourselves, self-sabotage, being super distracted by life & technology, and not knowing what to focus on (even when you know all the steps you need to take), life can be incredibly overwhelming... but then I enter the chat... and my areas of expertise are focused around:

who deserves to be Supported & Encouraged to that next level

You're a super motivated wfh business professional

Feel confident in your next steps because you have an actual plan that makes you excited and motivates you to push hard af

Go through this journey with real accountability, encouragement and 1:1 support by someone who actually listens to YOU & your goals

Avoid burnout, decision fatigue, analysis paralysis and imposter syndrome!!!

What if you could do this instead?

You're a renowned badass/boss-bitch-type, BUT you're the 1st person to get in your own way

You have most of the tools you need to succeed in work & life, but the question is: do you use them?

You scroll on social media watching your peers killing it in their industries and lives like...

You're done going back and forth and are ready to stop doubting yourself and the timing of your life

Does this sound Familiar?

We've been through it, honey. We've had our ups and downs. We've been in corporate America for a minute and it is stressful af. You may have even decided to get into entrepreneurship because you want to be your own boss.

But how do we manage it all? AND have a social life on top of it? Date, show up for family and friends, go to the Renaissance concert, workout, drink 3L of water & have fun??????

What I know for sure is it looks different for everyone. Balance isn't a myth, it isn't fake news and it isn't unattainable. It's also something that changes regularly. But it IS something you can have on your personal development journey.

I promise to be your guide, your confidant, your coach, and your supporter because what I know for sure: you got this!!

our time is literally right freakin' now

What I Know for sure

You see results. You committed. You showed up. You kept going. You get shit done. Your goals begin to manifest + unfold.

05. step

We'll get you on the calendar to meet for an intro call and discuss your plan of attack moving forward.

04. step

You'll hear from me within 2 business days and I'll send you the links to sign up if we're a good match. If not, I'll send some helpful info to you.

03. step

Fill out the application form so I can make sure we're aligned and we'd make a good match.

02. step

Decide you're ready for individualized coaching. It's intense (but oh so worth it)!

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